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Prime Minister Brnabic: "We have not removed the threat to Vucic's life"

All security services work together - everyone is doing their best. I believe we will prevent all this. Do I feel safe at this moment and as if there are no problems - no, I do not feel that - the prime minister stressed

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Ana Brnabić  Referendum glasanje

Photo: ATA Images

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said this morning that at this moment, the main suspects in planning the assassination of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic are beyond the reach of our security services, and that these services are working day and night to remove the threat to the president's life.

She told RTS that two Montenegrin citizens were involved in the planning of the murder, but also people from other countries, both inside and outside the European Union.

Brnabic also stressed out that the Serbian security services are working day and night to find those who planned the assassination of the president of Serbia.

"What is important to emphasize for all our citizens - at this moment, all those who are suspected and for whom we have evidence, are still beyond the reach of our security services. So, we cannot reach them," said Brnabic.

The prime minister added that she has absolute trust in Serbian security services, and that they do not have an easy task.

"They have an extremely difficult task, all security services are working together - everyone is doing their best. I believe we will prevent all this. Do I feel safe at this moment and as if there are no problems - no, I do not feel that. We still have a lot to do, we have not removed the security threat to the life of President Aleksandar Vucic. I believe that we will, but we must work day and night," said Brnabic.

Asked whether she trusts those who directly provide security for the president, the prime minister said that his security is currently at its maximum.

"There are several security rings around President Vucic. I don't have information that appeared in the media that we have such suspicions... I believe that the guys who are in his immediate security detail would give their lives for him at any moment, they are serious people, serious patriots, and they seriously love the president personally," said Brnabic and stressed that, in addition to the president and his family, the situation is most difficult for them.

Her message was also said that Serbia is grateful to foreign partners with whom it cooperates in connection with this information, among others, to Europol as well.

"We share information and we are fighting for President Aleksandar Vucic to be safe," said the prime minister.

She added that caution at the borders has been ramped up to the maximum, because it is believed that those who are planning an attack on the president will try to enter our country from abroad.

"They certainly have their helpers in the Republic of Serbia... Those are under direct supervision, which is a problem for me - all those who are in charge and involved in this are not within the reach of our security services. Of course, I feel the safest when they are in the domain of our services, although I believe in foreign partners," said the prime minister.

Asked whether there is a political mastermind behind Radoje Zvicer, the prime minister said that she was absolutely sure of that.

"I would not talk about that further, but I am absolutely sure. He could not have become so strong, branch out his network in such a way, he could not have become one of the most notorious criminals in the world if he did not have and does not have such support," Brnabic stressed.

She added that, after this information, the president did not change his behavior, and that he continued with his activities.

"He did not change his behavior even by an iota. He continues with his meetings, with his activities, with everything he has planned. This is additional pressure on the security services, but he has his mission, he wants to do his job in accordance with what he thinks the citizens of the Republic of Serbia deserve, and that is not to save his life but to give everything he has so that life is better in Serbia and that we finish all projects, as planned," stated Brnabic.


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