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Mihajlovic: I don't know if I will be in the government, but Dacic won't be prime minister

Zorana Mihajlovic expects a strong government

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Ivica Dačić Zorana Mihajlović

Photo: Nikola Tomic, Ministry of Mining and Energy/Zoran Petrovic

Deputy Prime Minister and member of the SNS Presidency Zorana Mihajlovic said today that she expects a strong, powerful and open government, that unity is needed, as well as that "Ivica Dacic will not be the prime minister" and that she is generally against a coalition with his SPS.

"I don't know if I will be in the government, but it seems to me that I can say with certainty who will not be the prime minister. Ivica Dacic will not be the prime minister. I am generally against a coalition with the SPS, I think many are riding the coattails of the SNS and President Vucic, and the time has come to see who is in favor and who wants to work together in the interest of the country, and who only says they are, and work differently," said Mihajlovic.

According to her, only President Aleksandar Vucic has the right to celebrate, because he achieved a historic result.

"Winning twice in the first round of direct elections, and with a larger number of votes the second time is a historic result," Mihajlovic said.

"I was campaigning locally, visiting Serbia, and I think we as a party should talk to see what happened. I think we could have done much better, especially when it comes to the results of the parliamentary and Belgrade elections. We are still the strongest party in the Assembly, but we wanted more and we should talk and see where we went wrong and what message the citizens have sent us," she said.

The deputy prime minister in the outgoing government and member of the SNS Presidency also said that many parties have abused the crisis in Ukraine during the campaign, while the SNS and President Vucic made decisions in the interest of the state, not the party.

"Many parties abused the feelings of the citizens of Serbia when it comes to the friendship with Russia. While we suffered blows from political opponents, while they attacked us and while we fought, some watched from the sidelines," Mihajlovic believes.

As for Dacic's SPS, they are happy, "but I am not sure that they have achieved a real victory."

"I think they stood aside lighting patriotic fires, and they are our coalition partners, and if the state makes difficult decisions that are not popular, but are important for the state, then those decisions should be respected. It was easier for the SNS not to make any decision regarding the war in Ukraine and we would have done better, but we looked at the interest of the state, not the party. That's why President Vucic won, because people trust him, they know he will think things through and make wise and brave decisions," Mihajlovic said while appearing on Happy TV.


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