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Minister Stefanovic: I will respond to Dijana Hrkalovic's accusations within 48 hours


Stefanovic on Sunday that he would "in the next 48 hours respond to all the lies that have been told about him."

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Nebojša Stefanović, promocija podoficira

Photo: Serbian Ministry of Defense

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Dr. Nebojsa Stefanovic has reacted to the accusations presented by Dijana Hrkalovic.

The former state secretary in the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia, who is on trial for abuse of office, accused Stefanovic, the former interior minister, of "gaining unauthorized access into the content of telephone communication between President Aleksandar Vucic and members of his family" then "mounting the Jovanjica affair," as well as that he "protected the Belivuk clan"...

"I have countless times easily and with arguments exposed lies and fabrications, launched against me in public by criminal and political clans. I have also received court verdicts against those who lied that I worked illegally and had anything to do with crime. Each of those lies I have so far exposed, alone or through the courts, believing that this is the only right way to defend myself, my family and my country that I faithfully serve. Since those attacks with lies against me continue, I will continue to defend myself exclusively with the truth, like before," said Minister Stefanovic and continued:

"I will continue even stronger, because the attacks and lies come from those accused of serious crimes, which they admitted to during the court proceedings and for which they will receive a serious court decision. To protect everything that are the true values of my country and my family, a new wave of lies spread by the accused Hrkalovic, as well as a part of the media machinery owned by the closest associates of Veljko Belivuk."

Stefanovic added that he would "in the next 48 hours respond to all the lies that have been told about him."

"I will use only the truth and arguments, as I have done so far. And the truth that I will present is what frightens them, so they use the lowest level allegations and monstrous lies, which is characteristic of those who are guilty and who try to reduce and shift the blame to another. That will not work for them!," concluded Nebojsa Stefanovic.

Video: Dijana Hrkalovic leaves the court smiling after she is released from house imprisonment


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