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This is the "Pink Panther" arrested in Belgrade: Ivan Pekovic organized theft of famous Cezanne painting

This Cezanne painting was at that time the most valuable work of art in Serbia

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Ivan Peković

Photo: MUP

Ivan Pekovic, who was arrested on the warrant of the Second Basic Court in Belgrade, was immediately taken to the Pozarevac Penitentiary in order to serve a six-year sentence. He was convicted as the organizer of a criminal group made up of members of the "Pink Panther" gang that stole the painting "The Boy in the Red Vest" from a museum in Switzerland in 2008.

During the arrest, the police found a forged ID card that had his photo on it, but in the name of another person.

The members of that group were Goran Radojevic, who was arrested a few months ago during a football match in Kaludjerica, and Bobe Nedeljkovski and Rasko Mladenovic.

The painting is worth 100 million dollars, and was found in 2012 in Belgrade.

The suspects planned to sell it to a buyer in Belgrade for 3.5 million euros, and they managed to collect 2.8 million.

First, they took 1.4 million during the handover, and then went to collect the rest, when the paining was seized.

It was hidden in the upholstery of a vehicle.

This Cezanne painting was at that time the most valuable work of art in the territory of Serbia.


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