Teme: theft

Two women from Belgrade came for vacation in Tivat, and then they started robbing: Huanita and Hana broke into a house, they stole thousands of euros and gold jewelry

Good morning, neighbor! What did you steal from the shop today? (PHOTO)

A Serb with his three sons bought girls for 40.000 euros and he made them commit robberies: They had to do 10 robberies per day and whoever returned without loot - punishment (PHOTO)

The owner of Grand Production record label was robbed: It is true, they took the safe! This is what was taken from Sasa Popovic's Villa

He robbed her house and kissed her while she was asleep: Top 7 most hilarious thefts in Sumadija from 2007 to 2017 (PHOTO)

The mystery of the missing 3 million euros: Treasurer Boban performed the robbery of a century with his brother, they were sentenced, but they are not saying where is the money (SCHEME)

EXCLUSIVE! NEW SCANDALOUS FOOTAGES: Full report on secret safes, forbidden loans, unprocessed money at St. Sava Temple (VIDEO) (DOCUMENTS)

SCANDALOUS ANNOUNCEMENT FROM SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH: They accused Telegraf of making things up without the knowledge of the Patriarch! This is the proof that priests around Irinej - ARE LYING (PHOTO)

WE REVEAL THE GREATEST SECRET OF THE SERBIAN CHURCH (PART 2): How much money is stolen on the candles, where do donations go, secret safes, multi-million loans... (PHOTO)

EXCLUSIVE! SECRET VIDEO FROM THE CHURCH: Watch a PRIEST STEALING MONEY in a Temple of St. Sava from the safe for sick and poor (VIDEO)

WE REVEAL THE GREATEST SECRET OF THE SERBIAN CHURCH (PART 1): How priests steal money, where is the money going to, secret vaults, 750.000 euros disappear in the temple of St. Sava each year... (PHOTO)

They stole "Golf" from a Bosnian, and they returned it after a month: He opened the trunk in disbelief, and he found a lot of stuff inside (PHOTO)

Doctor stole jewelry from a deceased woman and tried to sell it to her granddaughter

Bosnian woman entered the store and took the 50 euros from the worker in the most absurd way: Cameras captured her technique (VIDEO)

Good Vlasta returned the soul to Belgrade: He found old phone and thrown wallet, and he did a beautiful thing (PHOTO)

This is a THIEF who stole a box with donations for TREATMENT OF PREMATURELY BORN INFANT in Kotor (PHOTO)

Millions stolen in Skopje: Treasury worker admitted the guilt, but he is not revealing where the money is

I am 19 years old, i killed my best friend and i am now lying in Krusevac: We played with a gun, i wouldn't throw a firecracker now (PHOTO)

People from Uzice pillaged Hamburg, it is suspected that they are part of "Pink Panther": They risk 15 years in prison for robbing a jewelry store!

BIZARRE ROBBERY: For stealing pots and vacuum cleaners he got two years in prison

FOOLISH THIEVES FROM SERBIA REACHED WORLD FAME: The whole planet is laughing at them now! (VIDEO)

"SMILEY MAFIA" ARRESTED IN BELGRADE: Watch what the police found (VIDEO)

MIRIJEVO DEER ATTACKED DRUNKS: Look at the video of HILARIOUS theft attempt in Belgrade

COURT ADMISSION: Husband of a Croatian singer withdrew money from the accounts of a large IT corporation!

THEY STOLE OVER ROOFTOPS: SPIDERMAN brothers returned buried GOLD worth 16.5 million dinars! (PHOTO)

WE FIND OUT: Albanians have fallen into Serbian territory, the Gendarmerie shot at them!