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Novak signs Serbian flag with his and the image of a wolf, but also with a big error in Cyrillic

Novak Djokovic has a lot of supporters in Melbourne, and some of them made a serious typographical error on a flag

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Novak Đoković

Foto: Profimedia/Peter Dovgan.

Novak Djokovic is rushing towards his 10th title at the Australian Open, and the last two games against Alex de Minaur and Andrey Rublev in the round of 16 and the quarterfinals give us hope that the injury is a thing of the past and that no one will be able to stand in Novak's way to his 22nd Grand Slam title.

Bookmakers believe in that, so the odds for this year's Australian Open final are unprecedented.

Novak also has a lot of support in Melbourne. Many people came from all over Australia and the world to cheer Novak on, especially after everything that happened to him a year ago in that country, when he was deported because he was not vaccinated against Covid.

There are many of our expats in Melbourne, who are making an effort to be original and attract the attention of photojournalists with their props, and that of Novak himself, so he would give them a souvenir in the form of a piece of his equipment or an Australian Open towel at the end of a match.

One fan succeeded in that, Novak signed her flag and gave her a towel, as she tried her best and managed to attract his attention with the flag.

It is the flag of Serbia with the image of Novak and that of a wolf superimposed on it, along with words printed in English, but also in Serbian.

In English, the message is, "We run with the wolf" - while the Serbian inscription contains a typographical error.

Translated, it literally means, "Born with the wolves," but probably as the words were transliterated from Latin to Cyrillic, what's printed erroneously reads, "Родјена с' вуковима" instead of the correct Serbian, "Рођена с вуковима".

Take a look at all that in the gallery:


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