My son asked me to buy him a Croatian flag, I did not know what to say to him: The status of this man from Belgrade is the center of attention on Facebook

Croatian fan removed the Albanian flag during the celebration! This is the best scene from the streets (VIDEO)

Provocation by Mesic and Gotovina: They joined hands and formed a symbol of Albanian eagle (PHOTO)

Russian slap to the Albanian provocateurs: Officials forbid the Kosovo flag on the match Serbia - Switzerland!

Serbs took the competition for the most beautiful flag in the world seriously: This is where we are now, and two more flags from our history are on the list

The Serbian Ambassador to Zagreb refused to accept a protest note from Croatia because of Seselj's behavior

The Serbian flag followed her from junior to the world gold medal: Ivana reminded the fans of her first medals with the photo (PHOTO)

Serbian flag above the American and German, Ivana in tears: She listened to the national anthem in disbelief with gold around her neck! (VIDEO)

RUSSIANS, CARRY THE SERBIAN FLAG: Genious suggestion of Russian fan, after banning their flag at the stands!

Macedonians protested against Albanian as an official language: Protestants set the flag of the European Union on fire

Aleksandar has spread the Serbian flag in front of the Hague Tribunal and waited for verdict - "Black day for Serbs": He wanted to meet Mladic when they attacked him (VIDEO)

Look at the phenomenal reaction of Bogdanovic when the Americans asked him about Serbian flags in the hall of Sacramento (VIDEO)

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