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Chaos on so-called Kosovo's broadcaster: Activist charges into studio with "Radio Television Kurti" placard


RTK briefly interrupted the broadcast

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Nolj Nuši, transparent

Photo: Printscreen/RTK1

An activist from the Social Democratic Party of Kosovo, Nolj Nusi, last night, at the beginning of the central daily news program of the Radio-Television of so-called Kosovo (RTK), invaded the studio and help up a placard behind the presenter reading, "Radio-Television of Albin Kurti."

RTK, a public broadcaster, briefly stopped the program, and security kicked Nusi out of the studio, while the television management condemned the disruption in a statement.

RTK says that he entered the studio, and that a security guard thought it was a person who was supposed to be a guest on the show.

RTK also pointed out that "such actions are unacceptable" and that they convey a message contrary to the values represented by the public service.

They stated that they respect everyone's right to express opposition to processes, and added that they demand that this be done in normal protest circumstances and that the regular process of work is not disturbed.

Among the public in Pristina, this act of the activist from the party that is not represented in the assembly is considered as a response to the election of Self-Determination's "activist" Rilind Gervala as RTK's Albanian language program director.

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