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Vreme čitanja: oko 1 min.

When this flower appears 1,200m above sea level, we know what weather's coming: Beautiful scene on Mt. Zlatar


Vreme čitanja: oko 1 min.

It is a herb, and its aromatic taste is similar to honey

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Šafran, proleće

Photo: B. ilic

Snow in April and May on mountains Zlatar and Zlatibor is nothing new, the locals are used to, but this flower at an altitude of over 1,200 meters already now heralds spring.

After the recent snowfall in the area of southwestern Serbia, nicer weather has arrived, the meadows of Zlatibor are full of saffrons, and according to the locals, they herald spring by blooming.

Saffron is the first harbinger of spring in this region, but in recent years, like the nicer weather, it was quite late. This winter passed without a lot of snow, so spring came early.

"Last year at this time there was a huge amount of snow, this year saffron blossomed, and farmers have already rushed to work the fields.

In this region, it is believed that if the weather is good from March 14 to 22, the year will be dry and not so fertile, and if there is snow and blizzards, the summer will be filled with both rain and sun, and the year will be fertile.

This year it started with a blizzard, and end with spring weather, so we don't even know how to interpret this," say the highlanders from the slopes of Murtenica.

In this part of Serbia, saffron is better known as "kachunak", and is recognizable by its purple flower and golden-orange pistil.

It is a herb, and its aromatic taste is similar to honey.

(Telegraf.rs/B. Ilic)

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