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This is for how long father of "bathtub child" could end up in prison: 8-year-old lived locked in bathroom

Vreme čitanja: oko 2 min.

He is charged with domestic violence, unlawful imprisonment of his common law wife as well, and criminal acts of neglect and abuse of a minor

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Uroš Pašajlić, nasilje u porodici

Photo: MUP, Nikola Tomic, Shutterstock

Uros Pasajlic (38), who was arrested on suspicion of keeping his daughter (8) captive for years in an apartment in Belgrade's municipality of Zvezdara, that is - locked in the bathroom, where she lived - is charged with domestic violence, illegal imprisonment of his common law wife, as well as criminal acts of neglect and abuse of a minor.

As for the punishment he faces, our source from the investigation of this case says that "it all depends."

"It all depends on which of these crimes will be proven, whether another crime will be added, the criminal complaint still needs to be put together... Will somebody be named as an accomplice. The maximum sentence, roughly speaking, is up to 10 years, but again it all depends," the source told us.

During the investigation of this case that happened in Zvezdara, new horrific details emerged.

"The girl (8) lived alone in that apartment, he sometimes came and visited. She lived in the bathroom, locked up. The key was on the outside. When the door was unlocked, she was found in the bathtub, dressed. She had no visible injuries, but was in a catastrophic condition. The whole apartment was full of garbage," the source told us.

From the moment the child was found, a manhunt was called for Uros, and he was arrested the day before yesterday.

The police started looking for him on March 24, he was arrested four days later in the Karaburma neighborhood thanks to data from mobile phone base stations. He was previously reported for domestic violence by Ivana L. (47), who was in a relationship with him.

Uroš Pašajlić, kuća Karaburma

The apartment in Karaburma where the suspect was hiding: Photo: Marko Jovanovic

She entered the police station in Belgrade's Palilula municipality with visible injuries on her face and reported that the suspect beat her, and that he keeps a child locked in an apartment in Zvezdara, in the Mirijevo neighborhood, that she herself was also kept captive, but in another apartment, in Borca.

Uroš Pašajlić Borča

The building in Borca; Photo: Marko Jovanovic

"According to her, he beat her on March 19, and she gathered the strength to run away five days later and report him. She said that she would not dare leave the apartment in Borca before because she was afraid of him and that he broke her nose by headbutting her. She also said that she found out that he has a daughter whom he keeps locked in an apartment in Zvezdara and who lives there alone, she is 8 years old and he sometimes visits her and brings her food," said the source.

Uros will appear before the First Basic Public Prosecutor's Office tomorrow, after which all necessary evidentiary actions will be taken in order to confirm all the criminal acts that the suspect is charged with. After the questioning, the prosecution will inform the public about the further course of the proceedings.

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