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Health Center workers walking toward Gracanica: They're joining peaceful rally in support of Serbs in North

Vreme čitanja: oko 1 min.

The Serb protest in the North of Kosovo has been ongoing for the fifth day and has had the most massive turnout so far

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Employees of the Health Center in Donja Gusterica today took off to Gracanica (a Serb enclave in Kosovo and Metohija south of the Ibar River), where a peaceful gathering to support Serbs in the North of Kosovo was to be held at noon.

Director of the local Health Center Sasa Mladenovic, who was in a group of about 20 employees who headed for Gracanica today, stressed that it is not difficult for them to walk 12 kilometers in order to show their support, reports Kosovo-online.com.

"It's not hard for us to walk, while our brothers and sisters are fighting for their rights in the North, while they are breathing in tear gas. We want to express our support and back them in this way, so that they know, that they are not alone," Mladenovic said.

Mladenovic added that the local health center will continue to work as usual today and service citizens.

The Serb protest in the North of Kosovo has been ongoing for the fifth day.

The demands of the Serbs are that the new (Albanian, elected in contested vote) municipal presidents do not enter local government buildings, and the withdrawal of (Pristina) police.

Also, the protesters want two Serbs kept by Pristina authorities - Rados Petrovic and Dusan Obrenovic - released.


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