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Vreme čitanja: oko 9 min.

Vucic: 70% of Serbs left their homes in Kosovo, there are 300,000 more Albanians, so much for law and justice!

Vreme čitanja: oko 9 min.

"I stand before you as the representative of a free and independent country, the Republic of Serbia, which is on its EU accession path, but which at the same time is not ready to turn its back on traditional friendships it had been building for centuries," said Vucic

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Aleksandar Vučić Ujedinjene nacije UN FOTO

Photo: Profimedia/AFP/TIMOTHY A. CLARY

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has addressed the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Vucic was the 11th speaker during the morning session, and each official's presentation was scheduled to last 15 minutes.

"A new global wave of wars and violence that are impacting the foundations of the international security is a painful consequence whose cause lies in abandoning the Principles envisaged in the UN Charter.All of us, speaking in this renowned Organization, speak about our own problems, confronting often with a real and imaginary enemy, patronizing our own public, telling fairy-tales of the future with insufficient realistic view on the issues," said Vucic.

"Even though all of us were listening to the words of the (UN) secretary general, not many actually heard. And almost not a single global news outlet conveyed his words of warning. Nevertheless, in the era of social networks dominance, when only important thing is to get one more “like”, in the era when each pet gets more attention than children, it is no wonder that we cannot recognize the dangers that are in front of us," he continued.

"As the president of one not so big country, I cannot, and I have no right to speak about relations between great powers. It is neither my job, nor I could do that, but I can and I will speak about how non-observance of the international public law can bring horrible consequences," the president said.

"The attempt of dismembering my country, that had formally started in 2008 by the unilateral declaration of independence of the so-called Kosovo, has not ended yet. Precisely the violation of the UN Charter in case of Serbia was one of the visible precursors of numerous problems we are all facing today, and that go far beyond the borders of my country and scopes of the region I come from," he said.

Global peace and stability under acute threat

According to Vucic, since the previous UN General Assembly, the world has not become a better or safer place.

"Quite the opposite. Global peace and stability remain under acute threat. We continue to face problems related to energy security, financial instability, as well as security and disruptions in food and medication supply chains. Not only have we not found solutions to many problems, but they have become more numerous, and some of them have even grown more complex. I also spoke about how nobody here listens to anyone and does not strive for real agreements, and in the meantime, we started to talk even less and less. It is as if virtually all, guided solely by their own interests, entrenched in their positions, have given up on seeking compromise solutions," said Vucic.

"Today, I will not speak a lot in superlative about my country, about the growth of salaries and pensions, hundreds of kilometers of constructed highways and railroads, newly built hospitals and schools, science-technology parks, the artificial intelligence institute, because it is a natural thing that I protect its interests and that I love it more than anything in the world, but I will speak about principles, which had been violated and which brought us to the situation in which we are today, and not by the small ones, who are often the target of the attack, but by the most powerful countries in the world," he said.

Germany firmly observes UN charter?

"The German minister said that Germany firmly observed the UN Charter and UN decisions and documents, and that it would never give up on it. All that would be nice, if it were true. Namely, almost all western powers brutally violated both the UN Charter and the UN Resolution 1244, which had been passed in this renowned organization, as they denied and violated precisely those principles they are defending today, and it happened 24 and exactly 15 years ago," he said, referring to NATO's bombing of Serbia in 1999, and recognition of Kosovo in 2008.

Speaking about the bombing, he said that, "for the first time, unprecedented in the world history, the most powerful 19 countries made the decision, without involvement of the UN Security Council, I repeat, without any decision by the UN Security Council, to brutally attack and punish a sovereign country on the European soil, as they had said, to prevent the humanitarian disaster," Vucic said, and added:

"Namely, since the moment of the victory of those 19 against small Serbia, 70% of Serbs from Kosovo have left their thresholds, and there are by 300,000 Albanians more than there have ever been in Kosovo. Well, that much about the law, that much about the justice."

"They didn't laugh out loud when the Russian president used the very same words, justifying his attack against Ukraine. They forgot that they themselves had used the same narrative, the same words and the same explanations," Vucic underlined, referring to the treatment of Serbia, and noting that in 1999, Serbia had not set foot into the territory of another country, either.

Now there's no call for humanitarian action

"A new contingency of Serbs is being taken to (Albin) Kurit's prisons, apprehended according to fabricated accusations, as a part of his terror campaign. (...) And you wouldn't believe it, even though there is not a single wounded Albanian, not a single apprehended or injured Albanian.

(But now) there is no humanitarian disaster, there is no call for action, there is nothing. They are only worried now, shrugging their shoulders, but if they have to make any decisions, it will always be, as they put it the fault of 'both sides," he said, adding:

"And in such a world, I believe that one small Serbia, by raising its voice and fighting for universal values of principles of inviolability of internationally recognized borders, territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence, gives the example of the fight for the right, the one that was abolished here, even in this building, and protects the principles the world should be made of, with its not such a big strength, but with its paramount decisiveness and courage."

"Respecting the UN Charter is not a choice, it is an obligation. After all, like I have already said by mentioning some names, this is what we had the opportunity to hear during the previous presentations of most of my colleagues while talking, among other issues, about the topic that is still dominant in all forums - the conflict in Ukraine. I will agree with them when it comes to the necessity of respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, which the Republic of Serbia has been consistently showing from the beginning. We have been making such appeals continuously for decades, but with a significant difference - Serbia supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all UN member states. I repeat, ALL member states," Vucic said.

"Therefore, it is hard for me to understand how some are still not acting in a consistent manner when it comes to the need to respect the territorial integrity of Serbia and how they fail to understand that the selective application of principles leads to pronounced divisions, a lack of solidarity and mutual understanding.

However, I want to thank wholeheartedly to the global majority. Significantly more than one half of the UN member states in our example supports the UN Charter and they do not support the violent partition of my country. I am glad that for the majority of UN member states double standards are out of the question. We are deeply grateful to all of you who selflessly support our efforts to preserve territorial integrity, thus demonstrating your commitment to the UN Charter," the president noted.

"We do not divide people by the color of their skin or their religious affiliation, that is why our relations with the People’s Republic of China, Republic of Korea, Japan, many Arab and other Muslim countries are at the highest historical level. We do not cut our historical ties with the Russian Federation, as well," the president said.

"The Republic of Serbia, its Government and all the institutions are working in their full capacity on preservation of the dialogue with the Pristina, under the EU auspices," he said.

"Believing that the dialogue is the only way for finding the compromise solution, Serbia remains committed to this process in the aim of providing peaceful coexistence of Serbs and Albanians. Peace and stability of the region have no alternative. It is with that belief that we approach to all discussions facilitated by the EU," he said.

Open Balkan and Expo 2027

Speaking about the Open Balkan Initiative, launched by Serbia, Vucic said:

"It has given concrete results so far and strengthened regional ownership of the processes of the economic connectivity of the region. The Open Balkan improved also the political atmosphere. We have such approach to all our neighbors and our key interest is to preserve stability in the region and turn towards as intensive cooperation as possible in all areas. These processes are certainly inseparable part of our strivings to become a full-fledged member of the European Union, which is at the same time one of the key priorities of our foreign policy."

"We are proud for being given a unique opportunity that the spirit of friendship I speak about is to be felt in Belgrade, which will host the Specialized Exhibition EXPO 2027. We are grateful to all those who supported us and had faith in us. Serbia's capital, a cosmopolitan metropolis with two million inhabitants is your home and we extend the welcoming hand for participation in the freest and most diverse international exhibition so far. Come to Belgrade to celebrate the humanity together," Vucic said.

"I know that I spoke much longer than I was asked, but I gave myself the same right the big powers gave to themselves," the president said.

"I want to leave a mark"

Before addressing the General Assembly, Vucic said that we will show that we observe the principles and respect international law.

"The main topic of my speech will be the principles of international public law, as a political veteran, I want to leave a mark with that speech and I ask the citizens of Serbia to listen to it, it will be after 5 pm (Serbian time), I will speak the facts, the truth and I believe that many will not like it. Maybe I'll speak a bit longer, maybe I'll be interrupted, some spoke longer, they weren't interrupted," said Vucic.

The delegation that is in New York City with President Vucic also includes Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic and Serbian Ambassador to the US Marko Djuric.


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