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Tomislav Radovanovic appointed as acting director of BIA

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Vreme čitanja: oko 3 min.

Aleksandar Vulin submitted his irrevocable resignation on November 3

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BIA, Bezbednosno informativna agencija

Photo: Wikimedia

Tomislav Radovanovic, former head of the Service for Special Investigative Methods at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has been appointed as acting director of the Serbian Security and Intelligence Agency, BIA, it has been confirmed for Telegraf.

Vulin issued this statement when he submitted his resignation:

"President Aleksandar Vucic and Serbia are facing threats and blackmail that can only be compared to the Austro-Hungarian ultimatum in 1914. We are being asked to recognize Kosovo, to abandon the Serb Republic (RS, Serb entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and by imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation, stop being a sovereign country and nation.

If we were to agree to do so, the next demand will be to expel Chinese investments, the unconditional technological and economic dependence on the West, as well as the continuation of the political and territorial disintegration of Serbia and the acceptance of Western values where there is no place for traditional family and nation, and ultimately, neither for social justice.

Aleksandar Vulin, BIA

Photo: Marko Jovanovic, Wikimedia

The US and the EU are asking for my head as a precondition for not imposing sanctions on Serbia. I am not the cause of blackmail and pressure against Serbia and the Serbian World, but I will not allow myself to be the justification for blackmail and pressure against Serbia and the Serbian World. That is why I am submitting my irrevocable resignation as the BIA director.

The sanctions imposed against me (by the US) are proof of my persistent struggle for the unity of the Serbs, but sanctions against Serbia, a pretext of which would be my continued leadership of the BIA, would be proof of my selfishness. The first indicator of how correct my decision is, will be hypocritical statements coming from US and EU officials, as they swear that they did not even want to impose penalties and sanctions against us. My resignation will not change the US and EU policy towards Serbia, but it will slow down the new demands and blackmail.

They didn't get sanctions against Russia (from Serbia), they didn't get Serbia recognizing Kosovo, but they did get one Serbian head. I refuse to become part of the anti-Russian and anti-Serb hysteria, to stop caring about the RS and its survival and to stop believing in the inevitability of the unification of the Serbs and the creation of the Serbian World, I refuse to give up the policy of military neutrality and brotherhood with Russia and China, just for the sake of keeping a job.

This is a small victory for the US and the EU, but also a big victory for me because I proved that Serbia and the Serb people are worth every sacrifice. My sacrifice is small compared to the greatness of the holy think I defend.

I thank President Vucic for the opportunity to defend Serbs and Serbia and I plead with him to remain the president of all Serbs, the last free leader in Europe, to the pride of all Serbs. I hope that in these elections too, we will lead the fight for a free Serbia together.


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