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Horrific video of tragedy in Kraljevo, the victim, only 21 years old, punched a hole in the wall with his car

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Vreme čitanja: oko 1 min.

Further investigation will determine the exact cause of this traffic accident

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21-year-old L.V. died in a traffic accident in Kraljevo that happened early this morning.

For currently known reasons, he drove his car off the road and crashed into the wall of a nearby building, which partly crumbled under the force of the impact.

"After violently hitting one wall, the car rebounded and hit another. It all took place in the Jarcujak settlement. We heard a strong crash, we immediately knew that something bad had happened. This is a true tragedy for the friends and family, because a young life has been lost," one of the residents of the settlement told RINA.

A horrific video of the accident shows a car that veered off the road traveling at the speed of a bullet.

Further investigation will establish the exact cause of this traffic accident.

The accident happened in the Jarcujak settlement in Kraljevo, resulting in the death of the young man who lost control of his car and crashed into the wall for as yet unknown reasons.


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