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Serbian politician: EP should adopt resolution on apartheid in Kosovo and Metohija, not regarding Serbia vote

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Vreme čitanja: oko 2 min.

He said, "the opposition and some MEPs (members of European Parliament) must understand that the government in Serbia is elected by the citizens of Serbia, not the MEPs"

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Photo: Milena Djordjevic

A non-legally bidning resolution adopted today in the European Parliament (EP) regarding the situation in Serbia after the elections, is a document that represents direct meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, and was adopted based on disinformation from the opposition in Serbia, which cannot reconcile itself with the will of the citizens of Serbia, believes Dragan "Palma" Markovic, president of the United Serbia (JS) party.

According to him, "the opposition and some MEPs (members of European Parliament) must understand that the government in Serbia is elected by the citizens of Serbia, not the MEPs."

"Why does not that same European Parliament adopt a resolution on Croatia, where there have been half a million more voters than inhabitants. In Croatia, you have cities and municipalities where there are literally more voters than residents and where those voters during the elections come from abroad, but nobody sees that as a problem because those people have the right to vote, just as every country in the world has a diaspora, and so does Serbia. But only when it comes to Serbia, does the opposition accuse its country and its people (regarding the diaspora)," said Markovic, and added:

"Instead of dealing with disinformation coming from the opposition in Serbia, the European Parliament should deal with strikes and protests in their own countries and should deal with the violation of human rights in Europe, and today in Europe, there is a part of a country (Serbian province of Kosovo) where apartheid is practiced, the first time after what happened in the past in South Africa, and Kosovo and Metohija is where (Albin) Kurti's government carries out physical and psychological terror on the remaining Serb population with the aim of total expulsion. And what is happening in Kosovo and Metohija is apartheid.

It is a disgrace for the European Union and the European Parliament. Why don't they adopt a resolution on the Brussels Agreement (reached in 2011 between Belgrade and Pristina under EU auspices) and the formation of the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO). That's not something the opposition in Serbia put before the European Parliament, but only how to come to power without winning the votes of the citizens of Serbia. Gentlemen from the European Parliament - you will not get a government in Serbia that will do what you are asking for, which is the recognition of the fake state of Kosovo."

"That is the real goal of this resolution. But as you yourself know, the resolution you adopted is not legally binding. But (United Nations Security Council) Resolution 1244 is - which you violated and continue to violate - is," Markovic concluded.


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