Serbia gets the third international airport, ATR 72 landed at "Morava" (PHOTO)

Vucic sent condolences to Putin for the tragedy that occurred in Moscow: "We were deeply shaken by the videos of the terrible accident."

Drunk Russian woman went on a rampage on "Nikola Tesla" airport: She smashed a glass near the exit with a fire extinguisher

The robbery of the century recorded in Albania: Thieves charged into the runway of the airfield and took millions in 2 minutes (VIDEO)

Drama above Sarajevo: Passengers in an airplane heard a strong impact, everything went black, they thought it was the end. A ton of feathers fell to the ground

The wind was literally carrying a plane in Tivat like a toy: Everything was shaking, the passengers panicked (VIDEO)

Take a look at how an airplane with Haradinaj fleed before Serbs in Republika Srpska (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

SINISA IS A REALLY FAIR MAN: Worker of the "Nikola Tesla" airport found 40.000 euros and he returned them to the owner (PHOTO)

LATEST NEWS: Airplanes are circling around Serbia, they can't land to Belgrade airport due to the fog

Serbian passengers arrived from freezing New York: They finally landed to Belgrade after 3-day trip from Moscow (PHOTO)

Ambush for Cologne ultras at the airport: Wild hordes arrived in Belgrade! They threatened and they covered their faces, they were escorted by the police to the center of the city! (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

KOLINDA, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! Tourists will land on airport named after a WAR CRIMINAL

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