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Great fire in Kragujevac: The oldest Serbian Gymnasium on fire, suspects arrested (PHOTO)

She creates unreal love stories: She is teaching women to be independent and to love for a lifetime, and she can't wait to meet the beauties of Serbia (PHOTO)

The other side of autism, new world, new language: A father came up with the most beautiful present for his autistic girl (PHOTO)

This is what Tito told to every student in Yugoslavia (PHOTO)

The woman who wrote the "Shopaholic" and charmed the Serbs, has a strong message for those who like shopping. She also revealed a great truth about love (PHOTO)

By understanding the troubles and the pain of Serbs in Kosovo, you have become one of us: Arnaud Gouillon received the most beautiful message in his life (PHOTO)

Alexandra tried to convince all women around the world with her books that their "Mr. Perfect" exists, and Belgrade won't forget her for that (PHOTO)

The American writer reveals the magic of her books: Although we live in different continents, we all enjoy the same stories

Unrecognizable Jelena Dokic: After the hardest period in her life, she looks completely different

Christian was in North Korea and he danced on the most dangerous border in the world: He discovered everything we didn't know about Kim (PHOTO)

Violeta from Ivanjica went with 50 dollars to New York, she spent them on a phone call, and she made huge money after that (PHOTO)

The only 2 graves in Serbia where candles are always lit: Momir is in one, Rada in second. And their story is creepy (VIDEO)

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