Unrecognizable Jelena Dokic: After the hardest period in her life, she looks completely different

- So far, I have not told anyone about my full story, no one alive, so it was difficult to go through some painful and difficult moments in life - Jelena wrote in her autobiography

Foto: Guliver/Stu Forster /Allsport

Foto: Guliver/Stu Forster /Allsport

Jelena Dokic was the pioneer of a new wave of Serbian tennis players, because she once decided to play under the flag of our country instead of Australia, she was the fourth player in the world. She played quarter-finals and semi-finals of Grand Slams won the tournaments and was at the top of the WTA list.

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While she was an active tennis player, Jelena was one of the more attractive ones on the tour, but today, as a 34-year-old, she looks completely different.

Many would not be able to recognize her on the latest picture she posted on Instagram with a heat on her head in nature. She seems much bigger in the face, and in the comments, her followers said she looks a lot different.

Family troubles and problems in private life with her father, Damir, who opposed her tantalizing ties with Croat Tino Bikic had great impact on her career. Jelena has now written a book in which she told her life story for the first time and called her "Unbreakable". - Over the past year, I have gone through one of the most difficult experiences, but one of the experiences that has filled me most - the writing of my current life story.

So far, I have not told anyone about my full story, no one alive, so it was difficult to go through some painful and difficult moments in life, but it was also wonderful to recall some of the nice moments of a career. But all this written, both good and bad, was liberating. No, this is not a story about tennis, this is a story of survival - Jelena wrote in the announcement of the book, which is due to appear in November.

Foto: Profimedia/Zuma Press - Archives

Foto: Profimedia/Zuma Press - Archives

However, what you can notice is drastic difference in appearance in comparison to previous period, and especially in the period while she was active tennis player. That can be caused due to the diseases and problems with the thyroid gland, which Jelena had in the past year and a half, for which she shad that its the most difficult part in her life. Nevertheless, fortunately, she overcame the disease and now she motivates people through activities on social networks.

See how she looks now:

Foto: Instagram/dokic_jelena

Foto: Instagram/dokic_jelena


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