Teme: Cooperation

We entered Bondsteel and we asked 2 questions to the commander: His words about the Serbian Army will surprise you (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

No solution for Kosovo and Metohija without the support of great powers: Austrian Chancellor on the outcome of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

The long-lasting and strong friendship between Serbia and China: Vucic and Ambassador Chen Bo discuss the forum of Leaders for "Belt and Road" (PHOTO)

Croatian soldiers headed to Kosovo: They are going to the American base Bondsteel (PHOTO)

NATO concerned about the formation of the "Kosovo Army": The decision was made at the wrong time

Is EU membership by 2025 a mission impossible or is there a possible twist which was announced in September?

Cooperation between Serbia and China at the highest level in history: The new silk road is changing the map of the world, our country is a significant point in the "Belt and Road" route

The relations between Hungary and Serbia at the highest historical level: Szijjarto conveyed the message of Orban to president Vucic (PHOTO)

A historic chance to rebuild good relations with America: Ambassador Scott has said - It's time to devote to friendship and cooperation

Brnabic with the New York Stock Exchange president, the first woman in that position: Serbia is open to business (PHOTO)

Serbia plays a key role: Merkel welcomed Vucic

Radek Stepanek left Djokovic!

Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic admitted: There were attempts to stop Vucic's visit to Croatia!

Rama for the Joint Foreign and Security Policy of Albania and Kosovo: He also gave a proposal - the election of one President for both countries

The most precious Serbian gifts to the Slovenian colleagues: This is what the Serbian delegation brought to Cerar and his ministers

Vucic: I don't expect miracles in Croatia, but the conversations will be healing

Ana Brnabic wrote into the Golden book of guests in Bled and she left a strong message

Putin is building smart RUSSIAN CITIES in Serbia

The square of Republic of Serbia will be opened today in Buenos Aires

150 JIHADISTS ARE RETURNING HOME TO BALKANS: A great danger is ahead of us, they fought on ISIS side and they are prepared for everything!

Bravery of Montenegro in the phase of Russian pressure is inspiring the world: Congratulations of the US vice president to the Podgorica

Yesterday's threat of ISIS upset the citizens of Serbia: Do not worry, the situation is under control, says Defense Minister Zoran Djordjevic

The first candidate for Djokovic coach is one of the loathed players with the Serbian fans

The company Comtrade named Microsoft Partner of the Year again this year!

Serbia is Russian BORDER OF PAIN: NATO and EU must not expand

Agassi spoke about Djokovic for the first time: I have to say that I am shocked! (VIDEO)

We were there while you became the best athlete of all time: The emotional letter to Novak from "Uniqlo" (PHOTO)

OFFICIAL PRESENTATION: Lacoste promoted Novak, he will defend Roland Garros in new equipment! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Vucic congratulated victory to Emmanuel Macron

Novak Djokovic broke off cooperation with the coaching staff, including Vajda!