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Pristina threatens the European Union: It all depends on the abolition of visas

Migrants broke through the cordon at the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, 200 people blocked the traffic: Conflicts with the police are ongoing and there are injuries (VIDEO)

The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has accepted a proposal for the legalization of gay marriage

Zaev: The vast majority voted "Yes", if the assembly does not adopt it, the election are next (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

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Vucic and Thaci are starting a new round of negotiations in Brussels: Pristina delegation arrived in unexpectedly expanded composition

Macedonians hope to enter NATO soon: They said from the alliance that they are expecting negotiations first

Our clothes are more expensive than in Britain, home appliances are off the charts, but we pay twice as cheaper for food than in the EU

Historic moment: Macedonia and Greece signed the agreement about the name (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

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Regrouping before the final battle for Kosovo: Vucic in Kremlin, Quint in Washington