Teme: Fight

New drama in Velika Kladusa: New fights of migrants, some of them escaped to the woods (VIDEO)

Tensions are high in Velika Kladusa in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Migrants are walking around armed with rods after a mass fight, the police are on standby

Psihopat pobegao iz ludnice, hitna pomoć ga pronašla na putu: Najbolja najava MMA meča Vasa Bakočevića (VIDEO)

Sharp reactions of Balkan people to the incident in Vienna school: Some would punish the professor because he didn't slap them, the others said that Serbs are becoming more tiresome

Chaos in Split: The young men fought in front of the nightclub, brutal footage (VIDEO)

A Russian volunteer lost his eye in the war in Kosovo in 1999, and he has named his son Lazar: After 20 years he says "Your brother kisses you, I will always be with you" (PHOTO)

He mysteriously disappeared: Bojan Ugrenovic from Kraljevo was charged for the murder of a man in Ohrid, and his sentence has been cut in half

Footage of Partizan supporters fighting with the police leaked: They charged with torches, just by the Red Star stadium, Marakana! (VIDEO)

Mass brawl in Tutin between eight drivers: He left the car in the middle of the street, charged and hit a man from the other car. The madness started (VIDEO)

Two women wrestled in the taxi in the middle of Belgrade: Hair was flying around, fists and panties all over the place, but the reaction of men caused a real disgust (VIDEO)

He hit Jokic and he woke up the beast: Nikola showed his teeth and said a lot of things to his face after dirty provocations! (VIDEO)

Terror in front of the club in Sarajevo: A brutal man dragged a girl by her hair and hit her in the head, then the MMA fighter came out of the club (VIDEO)

The convicted Serb from the Zakynthos case came home: "Milos is our hero, and he ended up in prison"

The night of terror in Podgorica: He entered a shop and knocked out a girl and he kicked and hit another one (DISTURBING VIDEO)

Just a few hours after saying "I do" they got into a fight over the money: The wedding celebration was stopped with the tears of the groom

Here they are! Red Star fans beat, and then made the PSG fans flee!

"How did we lose a child in the most brutal 11 seconds and after 33 hits?" Parents of the murdered American at the trial for Serbs, without the key witness, waitress Danica

Former prime minister of Croatia spoke about her sad first day of school: "They mocked me because I don't have a father and they beat me up" (PHOTO)

Shocking words of a mother of late David Dragicevic are tearing up the soul: "Why were you the first one to go, and I stayed"

Albanians and Serbs are waging war in the middle of Belgrade, tenants are not leaving buildings without knives and pepper spray

Bloody wedding in Podgorica: Bride ended up with a broken jaw, the godfather in prison, and eight people were arrested

My name is Jelena, I was attacked just like this girl, on the same wall, in the same school. They used to call me "snaggletoothed" and "Scarface", and here's what I have to say

Professor got drunk, he performed a striptease, and then he was beaten: Video of the fight on graduation party in Croatia (VIDEO)

Women started brutally fighting in the middle of the street: They are intentionally hitting and making scars in the same place, and this is their motive

The prosecution protected the bully from Stara Pazova, but the cameras captured his cruelty towards the old man he has beaten

The boy, whose father shot a couple on New Belgrade, was raped? Doctors determined many injuries on the anus of the six-year-old boy

Children got into a fight, and then the father of one of them shoot the other: Shooting in the "Valley of the hungry" on New Belgrade (PHOTO)

The whole world writes about the best love story in Croatia: Klepetan and Malena have 62 descendants, and he returns to her every year

Gay from Serbia has been living in Croatia for 4 years and is married to a man from Zagreb: I love this country, I have no problems here (PHOTO)

Serbian fist vs Albanian riffles: Barehanded against the cordon of Kosovo's special forces (VIDEO)