Teme: flood

While everything is floating around them after the storm, Montenegrins are relaxed, sitting in their rubber boots and casually drinking wine at Ada Bojana (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Raging Lake Ohrid swallows everything in its path: Cafes underwater, the bridge is flooded, and the locals are fearing the worst (VIDEO)

Landslides in Croatia are still active, people jumped off from balconies and through windows: Seven houses collapsed, three people injured, 23 evacuated (PHOTO)

The situation in Croatia is alarming: Footage of houses destroyed in the landslide, "they disappeared as if they were in a movie" (VIDEO)

Chaos in Montenegro: Streets closed because of the tide, the landslides completely blocked all roads (PHOTO) (VIDEO)


Evacuation of students in Banja Luka due to bad weather: Storm winds took off roofs from the flooded buildings of the "Nikola Tesla" center

The mystery of the Serbian lake that will send chills down your spine: Celije are the pride, but also the fear of all people of Krusevac

Floods of biblical proportions in Croatia: Torrents are rampant, cars are dropping through the streets, people are evacuating from the malls (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Big storm has flooded Dubrovnik: The entire city was under water (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Cataclysm in Istria: Four Waterspout roared, hail, floods in Pula (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

He cruised on the rubber flamingo in flooded Zadar after the unprecedented storm (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

As if "Irma" itself came to Croatia: Red alarm for terrible weather, people trapped in their cars, schools are closed (VIDEO)

Waterspouts over Croatia: Strong storm hit Istria, floods washed river dam. Danger is still not over! (VIDEO)

No Serbs were injured in the terrible earthquake that struck Greece and Turkey

FOOTAGE OF HORROR ONE SECOND AFTER EARTHQUAKE IN TURKEY: Chaos on the streets, people are stomping over each other to save their lives (VIDEO)

Terrible sights in Greece after the earthquake that took two lives and went further to Turkey: Everything is destroyed, people are speechless! (PHOTO)

Genius Serbs found a solution to take a swim in flooded Greece (VIDEO)

They entered the mysterious church of St Nikola in the village, which was flooded for half a century: Water began to recede and to reveal its secrets (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Spooky scenes in Bosnia: The lake dried up, graves emerged, human remains, houses and mosque (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

SERBIAN SHRINE IN DANGER: Water destroyed the foundations, everything can collapse any second! (PHOTO)

SERBIA IS THREATENED WITH FLOODS AGAIN: Toplica river flooded, RED weather alarm (PHOTO)

Beavers made a house for 10 years, and they Serbian communal police came and - DEMOLISHED IT! (PHOTO)

HAIL AND STORM LEVELED CROATIA: Lightnings roared the skies, heavy rain flooded the roads (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

BAD WEATHER STRUCK WEST SERBIA: Households flooded in Kosjeric and Pozega

SHOCKING PHOTOS OF THE UNPARALLELED TRAGEDY: Macedonia in sorrow, Balkan empathizes, rain threats again (PHOTO)

TERRIBLE WARNING FROM EUROPEAN METEOROLOGISTS: The storm that desolates Balkan will last for several days!

"I ATE IN THIS HOUSE FOR 40 YEARS, AND NOW I GOT NOTHING": This is the most endangered city is Serbia (PHOTO)

ENTIRE SERBIA STRUCK WITH STORM: Bad weather ripped trees, billboards and traffic signs (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

IS THIS POSSIBLE? Incredible photo from the bus went through entire Serbia! (PHOTO)