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Meet hero Zdravko, whose video overjoyed Serbia: He stepped into waist-deep water to save a dog from a flood

Vreme čitanja: oko 2 min.

I took off my shoes on the road and went barefoot through the knee-deep, sometimes waist-deep water, Zdravko recounts the rescue operation for us

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As rivers started to flood due to heavy rainfall, residents of the Vladimirci region are facing big problems, but fortunately there are self-possessed and noble people who are ready to help animals even in such moments.

Zdravko Stefanovic (28) saved a pooch that was caught in a torrential flood on a football pitch in Matijevac.

It was raining heavily from the afternoon and throughout the night, so the Visnjica River overflowed its banks, flooded the roads and fields, as well as the football pitch. When the rain stopped, Slobodan Urosevic, passing by, noticed a dog sitting helplessly close to a bench, and after he told his friend Zdravko, they started a rescue operation together.

"I live about a kilometer away from the football pitch, I know it well, so I didn't hesitate. I took off my shoes on the road and started barefoot through the knee-deep, sometimes waist-deep torrent. When I got really close, I held out my hand, we got to know each other briefly, I spoke to him and when I realized that he would not react aggressively, I hugged the dog with both arms," Zdravko told Telegraf.rs.

It is not known whose dog it is, how it got stranded on the flooded football pitch or how long it waited for someone to rescue it, but Zdravko was overjoyed when the dog happily wagged its tail the moment it felt dry ground under its paws and carelessly walked towards the village.

This modest and noble young man admitted that he was a little upset with his friends who shared the video on social networks, although everyone who watched it left positive comments and congratulated him on a humane and noble gesture.

"I love animals, I have several terriers that are my pets and great fun. We didn't make the video so I could brag. I simply went without thinking to try to save a dog from trouble, which many would certainly have also done in my position," said Zdravko.


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