Teme: Foreign Minister

There is no Great Serbian aggression, just Great Montenegrin aggression on leading places in Serbia: Dacic openly about the relationship with Podgorica

Cooperation between Serbia and China at the highest level in history: The new silk road is changing the map of the world, our country is a significant point in the "Belt and Road" route

I want them to experience this as a wake-up call, and not as a debacle: Vucic's message to Pristina after the triumph of Serbia in Interpol (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

10 states officially withdrew their recognition on Kosovo independence: Great success of Serbia!

Only Albania will remain who will recognize Kosovo: Dacic about the downfall of Pristina's politics

The crowd in Guca cheered "Russia, Russia", they played Kalinka in honor of Zakharova! She was amazed at the new title, and she received a gift with Putin's picture (VIDEO)

What is Russia's position on the demarcation: Putin's Masha sent a clear message to Belgrade (PHOTO)

Croatia is the only country in Europe that celebrates the ethnic cleansing: Dacic sharply responded to Zagreb

The relations between Hungary and Serbia at the highest historical level: Szijjarto conveyed the message of Orban to president Vucic (PHOTO)

Serbia will have an access point to the sea: Dacic is asking for an island, and he received an incredible offer (PHOTO)

What is actually behind Liberia's decision to withdraw the recognition on Kosovo Independence?

New Victory of Serbia! Another country withdrew recognition of Kosovo

We don't have to love each other, but we have to look forward. Dacic on relations between Serbia and Croatia

Two new conditions in just two days from Pristina for Community of Serb Municipalities: Dacic for a radical response

Protests on the streets of Skopje due to visit of Greek Foreign Minister: Macedonians don't want to give up their name (PHOTO)

Greek minister of Foreign Affairs arrived in Macedonia: This is the first time that Greek airplane landed in Skopje

UNPUBLISHED DATA, UNTIL NOW: This is how many people on the planet DID NOT RECOGNIZE KOSOVO - 5,335,357,477

The square of Republic of Serbia will be opened today in Buenos Aires

I am asking the EU, USA, Great Britain, how long will they be quiet: Dacic about Edi Rama statement

Kurz thanks Serbia for helping reduce migrant wave

NEW TENSIONS: Serbian ambassador refused to accept the Croatian letter of protest

Dacic: Serbia must take care of its national interests

Dacic: No one should be lecturing us on human rights

Serbian monasteries in Kosovo will not become Albanian - the conclusion was passed in New York

Vucic: Chapters will be opened before end of year

THIS IS PUTIN'S MAIN MAN IN SERBIA: He's on America's blacklist and Serb fate DEPENDS on his words! (PHOTO)

SCANDAL! The EU recognizes Kosovo's independence: This decision of Europe, SERBIA WILL NEVER ACCEPT!