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Chinese boy beaten in New Belgrade school, brings knife to class next day: Principal speaks for Telegraf


Vreme čitanja: oko 2 min.

Other parents learned about the case from the child's mother, during a parent-teacher conference

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OŠ Branko Radičević Novi Beograd

Photo: Milena Djordjevic

A new case of peer violence occurred in the Branko Radicevic Elementary School in New Belgrade. A student's parent claims that two boys beat a Chinese boy in the locker room during gym class, and that the victim then brought a knife to school the next day, Blic writes.

Principal Suzana Lipic tells Telegraf.rs that the school is aware of the case and that everything is being resolved according to the protocol for preventing peer violence.

Otherwise, the story of the violence was told by one of the parents of students attending class VII/5, which the child who was beaten by his schoolmates also goes to. They found out about this case, Lipic says, during a recent parent-teacher conference, from the child's mother. Allegedly, the boy has been exposed to peer violence for months.

"They kicked him, spat on him..."

The parent (identity known to the editorial staff) said that two 7th-grade classes had a gym classes together, and that during that time the boy, a Chinese citizen, stayed in the locker room and played on the phone. Then, she claims, three boys came in, one of them held him while the others beat him. The victim allegedly had a ballpoint pen in his hand and, while defending himself, stabbed one of the boys in the shirt.

When he tried to get out, the boys "knocked him to the floor, kicked him and spat on him." According to the parent, "some other boys were watching" without reacting, nor did the teacher or the policeman at the school know what was happening.

Next day, boy comes to school with knife

The parent goes on to say that the Chinese student came to school the next day with a knife and showed it to his classmates.

Principal Suzana Lipic told Telegraf that this is not the first time something like this has happened and that they have always followed the protocol conscientiously.

"Currently it is being determined what happened. We expect to obtain more precise information by taking statements. The school is big, it has more than 1,000 students, we will remain consistent with the protocol for preventing peer violence," says Lipic.


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