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Brian Walshe's mother is a millionaire, she lives here, but "only a car is left behind": Neighbors puzzled


Telegraf.rs journalist Zorica Radulovic visited the building where the mother of Brian Walshe, suspected of murdering his wife Ana, lives

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Telegraf.rs journalist Zorica Radulovic again visited Swampscott, the Vivian Square neighborhood, where the mother of Brian Walshe, who was last week accused of murdering his wife Ana, lives.

Since the public learned at the beginning of January that Ana mysteriously disappeared on January 1, her mother-in-law Diana has not reacted. Although in the meantime her son Brian was first arrested for obstructing the investigation and then accused of murder, Diana still lives in seclusion.

Journalist Zorica Radulovic found herself in front of Diana's building at the moment when it was announced that Brian was charged with murdering Ana, originally from Belgrade, and when we rang her doorbell, she did not answer.

Today as well, instead of Diana, in front of the building, our journalist found her red car, with snow deposits on it, which indicates that it has not been moved from the parking lot for days.

Given that her car, which was occasionally driven by her son, is parked in front of the house, it is assumed that she is in the apartment, but does not go out.

The neighbors we talked to say they know Diana, but haven't seen or heard from her in days.

Everyone is shocked by the news of what had happened.

"Only the car is left of her," not moving from the parking lot, all other traces of the woman being in the apartment or somewhere else do not exist.

Every day, our journalist comes to the building where Diana lives, to talk to her, however, the scene in front of the entrance is almost frozen - only the amount of snow on the car changes from day to day.

It is not yet known whether she has spoken to the police or whether she is involved in the investigation into Ana's murder.

What is known is that Diana is a millionaire, so many wondered why she did not want to pay Brian's bail when he was first placed in custody.

Recently, US media published photos of Brian's mother, Diana Walshe, near their home in Cohasset, and that was the last time the media was able to get a picture of her.

Our reporter recently revisited Brian and Ana's house, where she filmed something unusual.

The light in the house was on in one room, while a week ago it was on in the hallway. It is not known who was in the house, and it cannot be ruled out that it was Diana.

It is not known whether Diana is able to see her grandchildren, who have been in the care of child protection services since Brian's arrest.

She didn't get along with Ana

From the letters that Ana Walshe and her mother-in-law sent to the court when Brian was facing trial for fraud, it can be inferred that the two were not on good terms.

"He was told that he was a loser, that his parents should not have had him, that he had no chances of making anything of himself and life, and that he was a lost cause. This trauma has been ever-present in Brian’s life" Ana wrote in the letter she sent to the court in 2021.

The letter that Brian's mother, with whom he was otherwise very close, sent to the court, reads that she does not have a close relationship with Ana allegedly due to cultural differences.

However, she said on that occasion that Brian helped her when she was sick, and that he was raising and taking care of his sons.

Milanka Ljubicic, Ana's mother, confirmed for Telegraf that her daughter and Diana were not close, and said that while she was visiting with Ana and her family in Cohasset, she did not have the opportunity to meet Diana.

Majka Ane Volš

Ana with her mother; Photo: Instagram/anawalshe

On the other hand, Milanka only had words of praise for her son-in-law Brian, although she later admitted to our portal that there were disagreements over the children.

"I didn't notice anything while I was at their place. Good mood, laughter, a perfect atmosphere. I didn't even notice when she came here, nor did she ever say anything to me. Even when she wrote to me that they didn't agree about the children I had no doubts. I didn't, believe me. But I did plan to go (visit), but not the next day because, as I told you, I wouldn't have been able to get ready," Milanka told our portal yesterday.

Milanka would be happy if Aleksandra, her older daughter, gets custody of Ana's children. Aleksandra adores the boys, she revealed to us.

"Aleksandra has grown children, and she adores Ana's," Milanka added.

Brian Walshe was last week accused of murdering his wife Ana Walshe, originally from Belgrade, who was last seen on January 1.

He is currently in custody, his bail has been revoked, and his next hearing is scheduled for February 9.

Video: Ana Walshes house remained empty and sealed after Brian was taken into custody

A Telegraf.rs portal journalist is in Boston to report from the field on the latest developments regarding the search for Ana Walshe from Belgrade, whose husband has been accused of murdering her. None of the material from Boston published here can be reprinted without the permission of the editors of the Telegraf.rs portal


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