Teme: russia 2018

The entire world laughs at Kolinda: She kissed the French and the trophy after the defeat, and then she became a Miss of a wet t-shirt! (VIDEO)

Golden Ball to Modric, Kolinda cried while giving him the award! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

How did the Serbian press report Croatia's advancement to the finals of the World Championship? (PHOTO)

Snoop Dogg put on a "squared" jersey and he caused delirium among Croatian fans! (PHOTO)

Croatian fan removed the Albanian flag during the celebration! This is the best scene from the streets (VIDEO)

Croatian football players celebrated in the hotel: Famous singer climbed on a table with guitar, Subasic raised a flag, Vida poured alcohol (VIDEO)

A quarrel of the USA and Russian embassies in Croatia over the game: The American commentator began, and the Russians responded

Young Croats celebrating victory on the Mundial with the Serbian kolo (VIDEO)

Brazilians brutally beat a Serbian family on the stands: Eight on one, police are not reacting and Serbs are recording! (PHOTO)

"Mitro's on fire!" roaring on the streets of Moscow, euphoria is rising before the match of the decade (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Provocation by Mesic and Gotovina: They joined hands and formed a symbol of Albanian eagle (PHOTO)

Brasil will win against Serbia 4:1, the "first cleavage" of the Mundial said so for Telegraf! (PHOTO)

Albanians all around the world united once again: They gathered a ton of money to pay the fine for Xhaka and Shaqiri!

Prijo, how are we going to play? He played for Switzerland and he knows their team the best: I have contact with nobody, I don't care about them!

These 11 Eagles will attack Switzerland and the 1/8 Finals of the World Cup: Krstajic explained the tactics with a single sentence!

FIFA fined Serbia because of the flag of our fans!

Russian slap to the Albanian provocateurs: Officials forbid the Kosovo flag on the match Serbia - Switzerland!

Disco Sausage! An English commentator gave the craziest nickname to the Serbian player: The entire world was laughing

Russian commentator was in delirium after the Kolarov's bomb: His voice broke because he repeated one word too many times! (VIDEO)

Sexy Brazilian girl seriously provoked Serbia! (VIDEO)

It's all up to us now, the atmosphere is excellent: Piksi is encouraging the football players before the World Championship!

We've met Croatian fans in Moscow, they had only the words of praise for Serbia (VIDEO)

Raykov: The Serbian eagle will be star of World Cup (VIDEO)