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Brazilians brutally beat a Serbian family on the stands: Eight on one, police are not reacting and Serbs are recording! (PHOTO)


- We suffered their insults throughout the game, and when my dad told them to stop doing that, all hell broke loose

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In the match between Serbia and Brasil, which was historical for our country, our football players had it worse. Including one Serbian family who was cheering for its national team. Although it seemed that we sent a bad image to the world when a photo emerged of a fight between Serbian and Brasilian fans, the family which was in the center of focus called our staff and explained what happened in detail. 

Brasil will win against Serbia 4:1, the "first cleavage" of the Mundial said so for Telegraf! (PHOTO)

From the start of the game, we experienced the worst provocations from the Brasil fans, who were sitting in front of us. She showed us the middle finger, then their genitals and the worst possible curses. I was on the game with my mother and father, who had to listen and see everything. My father was silent and he was enduring it, but he told them to stop. At that moment, one of the Brazilians is standing up and goes towards him - the son of the attacked man said.

Foto: Guliver/Stu Forster/Getty Images

- That Brazilian fan starts hitting my father, and seven more joined him. Of course, I am trying to defend him. Unfortunately, my mother is also fighting them - he adds.

In one moment, there is no one to help because the police are not reacting, and there is only one steward in that part of the stands.

It is terrible that there were a lot more Serbs up there who didn't even think about helping us but they filmed the Brazilians beating us. They didn't even react when a woman was attacked - he said.

Foto: MN Press

Father and he had bodily injuries, while the mother was not harmed, fortunately.

- We were on all three games of our national team, we traveled from Zurich. We had no problems in the first two matches and we didn't even think that something of this could happen to us - the young man is disappointed.

Football national team of Serbia lost with 2:0 from Brasil, and they ended they participation on Mundial in Russia on the third place in the group with just 3 points.

VIDEO: Brazilians are celebrating the victory 

(Telegraf.co.uk / J.Stakic)

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