Prijo, how are we going to play? He played for Switzerland and he knows their team the best: I have contact with nobody, I don't care about them!

The attack of the Eagles reveals that he has no dilemmas regarding the match and he wants to make the nation proud

The striker of the Serbian national team, Aleksandar Prijovic, anxiously waited to play for his country, although he used to play for Switzerland in the younger categories. 

These 11 Eagles will attack Switzerland and the 1/8 Finals of the World Cup: Krstajic explained the tactics with a single sentence!

Prijovic scored the goal against Georgia that took us to the Mundial, and then he had his debut against Costa Rica. Serbia is playing against Switzerland today at 20:00h, whose jersey he wore in younger categories and where he played with most football players in their current team. 

Foto: Vladimir Milovanović

In the interview for Telegraf, he said that he is not in contact with anybody from the Swiss team, and he believes in Serbian victory. He doesn't care if he will score a goal, he wants Serbia to have historic success.

  • How did you decide to play for Serbia considering that you went through all of the younger teams of Switzerland?

- First of all, I have to point out that I was selected for Serbia and I played for cadets, juniors, and U20 teams. Only after that, I played two games for Switzerland U21. So I didn't play for younger national teams in Switzerland. The decision was very simple for me. I wanted to play for Serbia since I was little. And my dream came true when I had my debut for the seniors of our national team.

Foto: Guliver/Stu Forster/Getty Images

  • Can you shortly analyze the Swiss? Who is the most dangerous, where are they vulnerable, and what must not be allowed? 

- They are good as a team. They have a good system they have been using for years. They are very well organized. With that, certain players have individual quality.

  • Are you in touch with any of the Swiss players who will play against us in Russia? If you are, what did you talk about?

- I don't have contacts with any of them.

Foto: MN Press

  • Do you read Swiss media? What do they write about Serbia, especially about the match between our and their national team?

- Honestly, I try to completely isolate myself from everything that is written in the media, on forums, social networks... I am aware the attention the World championship is causing.

  • Since the national team of Switzerland is multi-ethnic in general, how does the system like that work? What was the atmosphere like between the players while you were there?

Foto: MN Press

  • Are you surprised by the statements of certain individuals from the Swiss team directed for the matches against Serbia and can it be an additional motivation?

- We don't have to think about the statements of the others. There is no greater motive from us than to make the people of Serbia proud. We enter each game and we give our maximum. It will be like that on Friday.

  • Would you like to score a goal against Swiss for the eight of finals, at any moment, or in the last round against Brasil in the 90th minute?

- I would like Serbia to achieve historic success and placement at this World Cup. I will try to use every minute on the field to help the team to get a good score.

  • If you could, is there any player from Switzerland you would like to see in Serbian jersey?

- We already have a good, quality and compact team with great atmosphere and we don't need anybody from the side. Not from the team of Switzerland, or any other national team - Prijovic concluded.

VIDEO: Serbian fans arrived at Kaliningrad and they sent a message to Switzerland 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Special reported of Telegraf from Russia, Mario Maric)

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