A teacher from Croatia, former principal, abused students: He went on sick leave as soon as he could together with his wife who is a pedagogue

Balkan has been talking about this beautiful couple from prom for days: Andjela and Damjan told us everything about the night and the reactions of people, and they sent an important message (PHOTO)

Brutal answer to our Gastarbeiter from Switzerland, whose child has 50 pairs of shoes: "Our youth is destroyed because of you"

Sharp reactions of Balkan people to the incident in Vienna school: Some would punish the professor because he didn't slap them, the others said that Serbs are becoming more tiresome

People of Belgrade about the professor who slapped a student: Children are rude, parents are badly mannered, and the professors crazed! (VIDEO)

Students from Serbia as an example: They sacrificed their weekend to return one of the city picnic spots to its former glory

"She pinched me and she hit me on the eyes because of the test": The professor responded who slapped the student (PHOTOS OF THE TEST)

A student told something to the physics professor and he immediately slapped her! Scandal in the Seventh Belgrade Gymnasium

Another scandal in Croatia: He worked as a professor with a false diploma for 17 years, and he was celebrated by the entire state 8 years ago

A professor from Belgrade sent sexual messages to his students through Viber and asked them to take nude pictures

They are creating nurses in 6 months for 1.100 euros, they claim everything is legal: "You wear a coat for 2-3 days and you go and check a few patients"

Everybody attacked Tamara from moving away from Belgrade due to politics, money, and an apartment, and this is her response (PHOTO)

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