Teme: school

People of Belgrade about the professor who slapped a student: Children are rude, parents are badly mannered, and the professors crazed! (VIDEO)

Students from Serbia as an example: They sacrificed their weekend to return one of the city picnic spots to its former glory

"She pinched me and she hit me on the eyes because of the test": The professor responded who slapped the student (PHOTOS OF THE TEST)

A student told something to the physics professor and he immediately slapped her! Scandal in the Seventh Belgrade Gymnasium

Another scandal in Croatia: He worked as a professor with a false diploma for 17 years, and he was celebrated by the entire state 8 years ago

A professor from Belgrade sent sexual messages to his students through Viber and asked them to take nude pictures

They are creating nurses in 6 months for 1.100 euros, they claim everything is legal: "You wear a coat for 2-3 days and you go and check a few patients"

Everybody attacked Tamara from moving away from Belgrade due to politics, money, and an apartment, and this is her response (PHOTO)

Albanian flag appeared on the school in Montenegro: Students sang "It is good being an Albanian" (PHOTO)

Children in a school "buried" a friend, they drew obituaries and held pens instead of candles in elementary school (PHOTO)

A teacher wrote a scandalous message "You can drop dead, you mama's babies", the principal of the school spoke about sanctions

A decision has been made: Students will have a weeklong extension of the recess due to flu

She "accidentally" got in a school and she became one of the best 50 teachers in the world: This is a story about Katarina Veljkovic, the pride of Serbian education (PHOTO)

This is the driver of the bus of death: The Miracle Milan couldn't explain why the footage doesn't match with his statement

"I saw people crying, there was blood everywhere", the injured boy was in shock. The appeal of his father: It was the matter of days when a tragedy is going to happen (PHOTO)

Veljko, Natalija, Andjela, and Radovan are a real sensation in Nis: Inseparable quadruplets celebrated their 18th birthday (PHOTO)

Lazar's average grade was 9.55, and he wasn't able to complete Medical Faculty because of the money: Completely unknown person did something unreal (PHOTO)

Little ones gave up from their excursion so their friend could get better: Brave little Petar is fighting a dangerous malign sickness

Former prime minister of Croatia spoke about her sad first day of school: "They mocked me because I don't have a father and they beat me up" (PHOTO)

SHE WAS 15, AND HE WAS 17: They got a daughter Mina because they had sex, and they didn't know they could have a baby! (PHOTO)

More and more young people are leaving Croatia: Buses full, mothers cry while they send their children away

Croatia is shutting down and is slowly dying: Due to war and massive emigration, there are no students in 117 schools

The best Croatian graduate taught a lesson to Kolinda about Serbia, and she was speechless (PHOTO)

Ana is a princess from Nis: While her friends went to the prom in limos, she rode on a horse Rajna (PHOTO)

Invaluable treasure of Serbia discovered at the bottom of a lake: Sunken castles of Helen of Anjou are guarding the truth (PHOTO)

Arnaud Gouillon for Telegraf about the trip to Kosovo and Metohija which changes a man: When I'm not home, my three-year-old daughter says - Dad is in Kosovo (VIDEO)

He was a Hungarian, a Catholic, he declared as a Yugoslav and he loved Serbia more than all of us: Shocking confession of a friend of the pilot who died (PHOTO)

Region paralyzed due to huge amount of snow: They clean it by tractors in Croatia, in Bosnia they had classes in basements (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Girl students threw rocks at each other and they fought, boys were cheering: The region shocked with another case of violence in schools

This is how Serbs in Vrginmost live, the place where Serbs died in World War II and the operation "Storm"