Invaluable treasure of Serbia discovered at the bottom of a lake: Sunken castles of Helen of Anjou are guarding the truth (PHOTO)

Arnaud Gouillon for Telegraf about the trip to Kosovo and Metohija which changes a man: When I'm not home, my three-year-old daughter says - Dad is in Kosovo (VIDEO)

He was a Hungarian, a Catholic, he declared as a Yugoslav and he loved Serbia more than all of us: Shocking confession of a friend of the pilot who died (PHOTO)

Region paralyzed due to huge amount of snow: They clean it by tractors in Croatia, in Bosnia they had classes in basements (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Girl students threw rocks at each other and they fought, boys were cheering: The region shocked with another case of violence in schools

This is how Serbs in Vrginmost live, the place where Serbs died in World War II and the operation "Storm"

German media about education in Serbia and Croatia: Both teach children to hate their neighbors, they pit them against each other

They left the luxury of Los Angeles, they put on traditional peasant shoes and came to a village in Serbia: Twins Marko and Luka are now the top farmers in this area (PHOTO)

Humanity at work: Arnaud Gouillon gave 30 heaters to schools in Gora

Parents have to pay 5.000 dinars because their children skipped classes: First school fines in Pancevo

The student was brutally beaten in Vrnjacka Banja: He is in a COMA

Hristov family is going hungry to bed, the heart of father Vladimir tears apart when they ask him if there is anything to eat: The tears of the family living in a freezing room (VIDEO)

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