(FIRST PHOTOS AND VIDEOS) Albanians are beating Serbs with batons in front of women and children:

Terrorists planned to attack the parade and the march of "Immortal Regiment" which was led by Putin and Vucic. Russian services prevented the massacre

The brain of ISIS arrested in Sarajevo and extradited to America: Kandic is one of the most wanted terrorists in the world

Amer is a jihadist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and fought in Syria with his SEVEN BROTHERS AND SISTERS: His men are now fleeing the hell of war

Fighter of Islamic State tried to enter Bosnia: It is believed that he planned a terrorist attack

Vucic expressed his condolences over the attack in Barcelona

(DISTURBING VIDEO) Serbian Dijana avoided the massacre in Barcelona and made a terrible video! The dismembered bodies lie everywhere

Yesterday's threat of ISIS upset the citizens of Serbia: Do not worry, the situation is under control, says Defense Minister Zoran Djordjevic

HORRIBLE THREATS OF ISIS TO SERBS AND CROATS: This is the beginning of the end, we remember the rape of our sisters and murders of Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo

JIHADISTS WENT FOR SERBIA: We have not forgotten the suffering of Muslims, the Balkans will pay in blood! (PHOTO)

Are the festivals in Serbia in danger because of the terrorist attacks: Some may be shut down!

Bosnian survived the war, but Manchester is hell compared to that: People were running, children were lying in blood, wife and daughter didn't answer! (PHOTO)

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