The murderer from New Zealand wrote the names of Serbian heroes: Milos Obilic, Bajo Pivljanin... (PHOTO)

He wrote "Bajo Pivljanin" and "Battle" among other things

One of the terrorists who performed mass massacre in the two mosques in New Zealand, Brenton Tarrant, posted various videos and pictures on his profiles on social networks, and one of them shows a rifle and ammo, which had different writings on them.

A terrorist was preparing for slaughter with the song about Karadzic: One minute before massacring 49 people, he was listening to the Chetnik song (VIDEO) 

There are words in the English language, but also in Serbian, in Cyrillic.

He wrote, "Bajo Pivljanin" and "Battle" among other things, as well as the years. The name of Milos Obilic is written, Marko Miljanov Popovic, Stefan, and Lazar.

Foto: Facebook

To recall, a group of four terrorists, with Tarrant among them, entered the mosques this morning and they killed 49 people, 48 are seriously wounded.

Foto: Facebook

One man, who survived the shooting, told us his terrible experience:

- I was thinking that he must run out of bullets at some point. I was praying to God: "Please God, let him run out of bullets", said the man who wanted to remain anonymous.

Foto: Facebook

- I wanted to get out and I was passing by the man who was sitting next to the wall and he told me to better stay here. I returned. A few moments later, the attacker came and he shot that man. He shot him in the chest - he added.

Foto: Facebook

VIDEO: The moment when the attacker is killing people in the mosque


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