David's father called upon all authorities in the parliament of Republika Srpska: I am asking for truth and justice, who is involved in the murder of my son

New accusations about the war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Two people are accused of monstrosities over Serbs during the bloody conflicts

Police officers brutally beat three young men in the center of Podgorica: They were dismissed from work and their superior was fired (VIDEO)

Serbia bans guillotine, gallows and gas chamber!

Soulless Macedonian Santa Claus: He has brutally harassed helpless roe deer, people asked for severe punishment (VIDEO)

ALL THE CRIMES OF BLOODY AZRA: This is how she tortured and butchered Serbs - she burned them, tore their organs, ears, cut crosses and letters "S" on them

All the details of terrible torture of a man in Zemun: Milivoje P. (58) was covered in gasoline in abandoned factory, and then set on fire, police are searching for three men

Horror in Arandjelovac: Serbian family captured 10 young migrants, they brutally tortured, beaten and starved them

Jagoda (64) escaped from her son and husband who tortured her: Now she lives in the ruins of a burnt house, without without electricity, water and food (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Terrible testimony of Albanian terrorists on the massacre of Serbs: We raped your girls, took their eyes and shredded them (PHOTO)

Confession of domino Izabela (31): Known Belgrade businessmen pay me 50 euros to do all these AWFUL things to them

Croats are paying 50.000 euros to Serb because of terrible torture: "They beat me up for eight days, i still feel the consequences"

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