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ALL THE CRIMES OF BLOODY AZRA: This is how she tortured and butchered Serbs - she burned them, tore their organs, ears, cut crosses and letters "S" on them

The neighbors from Kentucky said that she couldn't stand one thing - war movies. That was very weird for them...

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Azra Basic (58) from Rijeka, better known as "Bloody Azra" and "Azra two knives", was sentenced today by the court in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to 14 years in prison for the crimes she committed over the captured Serbian Civilians in Yugoslav National Army's home in the village Polje in 1992. Basic was extradited in November 2016 from the USA to the prosecution in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). She was a key witness and she participated in many terrible crimes, and she cut off a soldier's penis. 

The only place in Croatia where Serbs, Catholics, and Muslims live together: They celebrate two Christmases with national music bands and they don't lock their doors

Basic was sentenced that she participated in a murder, torture and inflicting suffering and injuries to the Serbian prisoners as a member of the Croatian Defence Council from 26th April to the start of May 1992.

The prosecutor asked the court in BiH to take the fact in consideration that Basic showed brutality and persistence while she performed her criminal acts, especially, during the murder of Blagoje Djuras, and complete absence of remorse and avoiding extradition from the USA

As an aggravating circumstance, the prosecution also Basic's behavior, who boasted of killing Djuras.

Foto: tuzilastvobih.gov.ba


She was born in Croatia and she used names like Azra Kovacevic and Izabela Basic. She lived in Kentucky, USA, for a few years where she worked in a retirement home and in a factory for food processing before she was arrested in March 2011.

The neighbors from Kentucky said that she couldn't stand one thing - war movies. That was very weird for them...

- A cold sweat came over her, she started talking to her chin, to change the channels - one of the neighbors remembers.

Azra came from a mostly Muslim village Kotorsko, not far from Doboj. Many families from that area moved to the west searching for better life, all the way in the fifties of the last century, and some remained in Rijeka, from where they planned on going to Italy. Her family did that.

There is not much information on Alesivic from that period, but there are stories that her father was a navy captain. When the war erupted, she returned from Rijeka to her birth town and she took a gun. Her war trip was a true example of chaos in Bosnia. 

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She admitted in the US that she committed multiple murders, although only one was mentioned in the BiH request for extradition.

"New York Times" reported the testimony of Steve and Lussy Loman, where Basic lived for the last five years in a little city of Stetton.

- She was sick only when she killed the first man because she was face to face with him. The situation was to kill or to be killed. After the first kill, others came much easier - said Steve Loman.

Loman family said that Basic never tried to hide that she didn't participate in conflicts. She told me that, she allegedly was there when Serbian soldiers rapped a little girl. Loman said that she later crossed path on one of the "rapists" and that she didn't allow her fellow fighters to kill him from guns, but that she cut his penis.

According to court documents, she mistreated over 200 Serbs. She is also charged with burning the prisoners, ripping of nails, tearing of ears and cutting crosses and "S" letters into the flesh of the prisoners.  

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/Alamy

- The criminals first knocked the teeth of my father Blogoje Djuras, broke bones, tortured him with stabs, made him walk with his knees over the glass, with the belt over his neck, and then Azra Basic cut his throat - without blinking! Then, Croatian soldiers led by bloody Azra danced around the dead body. She shouted "One duke less".

Slavica Djuras (40) started his shocking confession for Novosti.

- What is even more horrible, she made the three of our neighbors, Radoje Garic, Dragan Kovacevic and Milo Kuzmanovic, as they told me in person, to lick and drink the blood from the cut throat of my father. She asked them if they liked Ustasha blood more instead of Chetnik - Slavisa Djuras said with bitterness in his voice.

Unlike Garic and Kovacevic, Mile Kuzmanovic didn't live to see the monster in front of justice. He passed away. Six broken ribs, almost smashed head, ripped nails, carved 4 "S" letters on the body, and other suffering Azra inflicted with her brothers in crime, contributed to his early death.

Foto: Kentucky's U.S. Marshal's Service

The other inmates testified that Azda tore ears of other prisoners with claws, she ripped their private parts... She made some crawl over floor filled with glass and she would sit on their backs and she would put a rope in their mouth which she used to pull. She made them eat salted money she found in their pockets, to drink petrol... They were beaten all the time. Few times, Azra herself carved Chetnik symbols on the foreheads of the prisoners.

Witness Zdravko VIdovic gave three statements. In the first on November 21st, 1994, in the Basic court in Derventa, she said that the members of HBO and Rijeka brigade made him swallow salt and to eat Yugoslav dinars with the locals of Cardak in Yugoslav National Army home, after the arrest on April 26th, 1992.

- Those were some Gavran and Azra. They were hitting our legs, with bats. We were all bloody, and they made us lick blood from the ground. When Blagoje Djulas fell to the ground, Azra came to him and sliced his throat. We had to watch that and I couldn't. One of the soldiers approached me and made me look while he threatened me with a knife - Vidovic said.

Foto: Profimedia/Alamy

He testified that he was taken with the rest of the prisoner to the basement where they were stuck for two days. During that time, Serbs were taken to interrogations, and they would return all bloody after that. They were transferred from the Yugoslav Army home to the camp in Rabic.

In the statement he gave on May 23rd, 2006, in police station n Derventa, Vidovic said that he was taken to a house in the village Polje with 30 other locals after the capturing on April 26th, 1992, where the soldiers of HVO and Rijeka brigade started beating them right away.

- After two hours, they took us to Yugoslav National Army home in Derventa, where they took us individually for interrogation. They told us that we are Chetniks and asked us who was the duke. Blagoje Djuras was brought in the evening and they beat him up because they thought he was the duke. Azra kneeled by him and said: "You will see now how Arkan girl butchers" - Vidovic said.


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