David's father called upon all authorities in the parliament of Republika Srpska: I am asking for truth and justice, who is involved in the murder of my son

He called on the MPs to declare themselves on this case, to say whether it was a suicide or a murder, and to give the prosecutor's office a deadline to bring the case to the end

Davor Dragicevic, the father of the tragically deceased young man David (21), said at a special session of the Parliament of Republika Srpska that his son was tortured and brutally murdered

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Dragicevic, the senior, said that they can arrest him and he said to the authorities, almost as a threat, that they shouldn't even imagine touching someone from his family or the members of the group "Justice for David" in Banja Luka.

He said that he was not the member of any party, and he won't become one.

- I publicly claim that my son was tortured and murdered. I claim this with all evidence and knowledge I have gathered. This is the terrible truth mother Suzana and I had to face. I hope that no parent will lose their child ever again - Dragicevic said.

He said that his son David was in the center of the city on March 18th and that he was kidnapped in front of many witnesses and cameras that cover the center, he was kidnapped by criminals who prepared this crime in advance.

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He said that his son was beaten in the parking of the metallurgy school, and that was the beginning of his agony.

- According to the witnesses, it is possible that he was first beaten by 15-20 people, that he was dragged to the parking of the metallurgy school, but that should be investigated. Did the police perform the investigation there, why not, it is impossible for 15-20 people to beat someone and to leave no blood trace? That is just the beginning of my son's agony. He was tortured for days, there is much evidence, and serious injuries he suffered while he was still alive are the proof of that - the father said in the parliament.

He presented the details of David's injuries, and he stated that narcotic substances were injected into his son, adding that the footage in front of "Boska" shows that he wasn't under influence at that time.

Foto: Facebook/Radanovic Suzana Zoran

- David Dragicevic was brutally murdered, his jaws were broken, there isn't a single part of his body that wasn't hit. When we analyze the toxicological results, which states that narcotic drugs were found in David's body, the kidnappers gave him substances to keep him conscious as much as possible, to prolong his agony. My David was never under the influence of any drugs. Where did LSD come from in Banja Luka? - Dragicevic asked.

He said that his son David asked for justice on gatherings for other young men who were killed and at the end, he became a victim himself.

- I know the main accomplices, and those are Dragan Lukac, Darko Culum, Darko Ilic, the prosecutor Dalibor Vreco. They conducted the irregularities. Such a conference was never held in the court history. They claimed that my child has drowned, that it is an accidental death, without the elements of a criminal act, and they knew about the injuries very well, about dozens of large hematomas, especially on the head. This is a criminal act. They didn't wait for the prosecution to determine it and they are the only one qualified to classify the criminal offense - Davor Dragicevic said, Nezavisne Novine from Banja Luka reported.

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He invited all the authorities to prove that David was a drug addict and a thief. 

Prove it. If you can prove it I will go to the square immediately to kill myself. David didn't commit that theft and I wonder how was it possible that those items were found on him. People were in my house and they planted everything. David Dragicevic was lovered to Crkvena river. I am just searching for the truth and justice, whoever is involved in the murder of David - David's father said.

He asked all people present, what amount of money they would take to cover up the murder.

- I am asking you, what is the amount of money or some other benefit that you would take to help with the cover-up. Would anyone of you risk your career? How much did you contribute to the crime? You have murdered my soul, my child, you have crushed my seed, you have put out my house - Dragicevic said.

He called on the MPs to declare themselves on this case, to say whether it was a suicide or a murder, and to give the prosecutor's office a deadline to bring the case to the end.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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