Terrorizing! Croats allowed Serbian buses with tourists to cross the border after 4 hours: Morning with new crowds on the border crossing

British media opened fire on Croats: Vacation there is more expensive than in Turkey, Spain, or Greece, they increase prices every year

Everybody was trash talking about Serbia, and these foreigners defended it. They really taught us something important

They told an American that he will be slaughtered in Serbia, but he came nevertheless to Ziza and Ivan and he noticed that the guests are leaving 200 dollars in tips (PHOTO)

The most disgusting sight from the beach in Montenegro: Communal police have to start doing something (PHOTO)

Serbs are rushing to Greece to see a miracle: They are going in a church full of venomous snakes, they pet them and pray with them (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A mother told an Englishman that he will be eaten alive in Serbia: He came regardless, and Sinisa, Jovana, and Stefan prepared a lunch he will never forget (PHOTO)

Albanians occupied Budva, Serbs are in Ulcinj: This is what the tourist season in Montenegro looks like

Reckless tourists - and they are not Serb - are annoying Croats: They drink, scream, puke and defecate wherever they can

Serbian Kolo and accordion in Greek sea: Serbian politician brought a hundred people to the water with the sounds of folk music (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Flames surrounded Athens: At least 50 dead, people are going to the sea to save themselves from the fire (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Serbs went to Skiathos via ship and they simply had to dance to kolo (VIDEO)

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