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We learn that Egypt will allow tourists in without negative PCR test, they must meet one condition

"There has been a change in regulations when it comes to entry of Serbian citizens to Egypt," the Egyptian ambassador to Serbia has told Telegraf

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Egipat, srpski pasoš

Photo: Pixabay, Mateja Beljan

Tourists coming from Serbia who want to spend their summer vacation in Egypt do not have to pay for a PCR test if they have been vaccinated. From now on, it is possible to enter the country of pyramids and pharaohs with a vaccination certificate.

The information that there has been a change in regulations when it comes to entry of Serbian citizens to Egypt has been confirmed for the Telegraf by the Egyptian ambassador to Serbia.

The Embassy told Telegraf that the details of the changes in regulations will be announced tomorrow.

The decision to let vaccinated travelers enter Egypt was made by the authorities and refers to those coming from countries not affected by mutated corona strains, directly or indirectly, during the previous 14 days. At the moment, the countries affected by mutated strains are India, Bangladesh, Great Britain, Pakistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Brazil, and other states in Latin America.

Certificate of full vaccination (with both doses) issued by a state medical institution should contain a QR code, provided that 14 days have passed since full immunization, while the vaccines that are recognized are those approved by the World health Organization - (both doses of) Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sinopharm, Sinovac, or Sputnik V. Alternatively, those who received the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can also enter Egypt after 14 days.

On September 1, 2020, Egyptian authorities introduced that all tourists must submit a negative PCR test. Before that, it was possible to enter the country without any restrictions.

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