Teme: Contract

Jokic will make more than 100 million dollars and he will become the highest paid Serbian player in the NBA ever: It will be double what Divac and Stojakovic used to make (VIDEO)

Tottenham already asked for Erakovic: Red Star sees him as a new Vidic, they predict a transfer greater than Grujic's! (VIDEO)

Americans have calculated how much Jokic will be worth in five years: Now its a bit clearer why he refused to play for Serbia (PHOTO)

We were there while you became the best athlete of all time: The emotional letter to Novak from "Uniqlo" (PHOTO)

Radomir's drama shakes Balkans: They wanted to evict him from his house, he threatened to ignite the gas bottle!

The place where Serbs are welcome in Croatia, and they seek for 10.000 workers from abroad

Bosnian moved to Germany two years ago: He reveals what happens when you look for a job and you are late on your first day (VIDEO)

Transport community of South East Europe is being created, Belgrade will be the leader

RUSSIA SOLVING THE MOST IRRITATING PROBLEM WITH CROATIA: Russia donates 10 million euros for the sickest point in Balkans!

BIG CHANGE FOR NOVAK: First time he said no, and after five years the contract awaits for him that every athlete wants!

MIRJANA MILOSEVIC BECAME A WOODEN DOLL: Entire world went crazy for this woman, and she reveals her secret (VIDEO)

GREAT DAY FOR CUPRIJA: Turks are opening a clothing factory, 1.000 workers will be hired!

Partizan reveals its debt, and how much it will never be able to collect !

Belgrade Waterfront contract signed