Teme: European Union

Frozen conflict, status quo, and horror without end: Does Serbia need the society of Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia?

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The Albanians have 120 hours to complete the request: What will happen on Saturday?

The demarcation between Serbia and Kosovo is the next condition on the road to the EU: Will KFOR mark the border?

Kolinda shocked everybody with her statements in Tirana: She called Albanians Brothers in Arms, she thanked the "patriots" who fought for Croatia

Vucic and Thaci are starting a new round of negotiations in Brussels: Pristina delegation arrived in unexpectedly expanded composition

Macedonians hope to enter NATO soon: They said from the alliance that they are expecting negotiations first

Our clothes are more expensive than in Britain, home appliances are off the charts, but we pay twice as cheaper for food than in the EU

Historic moment: Macedonia and Greece signed the agreement about the name (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Croats wonder: "Serbs have blocked the roads over fuel prices, what are we going to do?" (PHOTO)

Sofia fortress: Several thousand police officers guard Vucic and other leaders of EU and Western Balkans on the Summit (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Regrouping before the final battle for Kosovo: Vucic in Kremlin, Quint in Washington

They are deciding about the destiny of Serbia in Washington: Representatives of 5 most powerful western countries discuss the final phase of Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

Serbian victory! Kosovo state symbols removed from EU

The Balkan powder keg is stopping Serbia on its way to EU: Enlargement won't happen until the problems in the region are solved

Kosovo will never recognize the independence of Catalonia: Haradinaj for the Spanish media

The government decided: This is the minister who will be banned from entering Serbia

Slovenia will block Croatia's entry to Schengen if Zagreb does not start implementing the arbitration decisions (PHOTO)

Who reads and spends the most on books, and where are Serbs on that list?

Vulin - the third foreigner who was declared Persona non grata in Croatia

Serbia plays a key role: Merkel welcomed Vucic

A terrible warning by Wesley Clark: Brutal conflicts on Balkans are not the thing of the past

Famous Croatian philosopher about the situation in Europe and in the world: We asked him if the reconciliation on Balkans is possible and about his acquaintance with Assange (PHOTO)

These Balkan states decided to expel the Russian diplomats and to support the West: Serbia is not among them!

Serbia - 12 dead from measles, Czech Republic - 12 sick in February: What are the penalties for unscrupulous parents and how does the anti-vaccine lobby work? (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Pristina left the dialogue, BELGRADE HAS THE ANSWER: Dacic on Kosovo's decision not to implement the agreement on forming Community of Serb Municipalities

Austria doesn't want workers from Croatia because of a simple, obvious reason: They are identified as a potential danger to the labor market

Protests in Macedonia over new name: More than 10,000 people went out on Skopje streets, they demanded suspension of negotiations with Greece (PHOTO)

Important news coming to Belgrade from Tirana: Juncker in Serbia on joining the European Union, there are whispers about the dates

EU responded to Rama's statement that Albania and Kosovo should have one president