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Envious number: 80.000 passengers were flying to New York in one year

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Guys from Becej reached Mongolia like it was nothing with 28 year old "Yugo", and they had to stop the adventure on the way back (PHOTO)

CHINESE ARE CALLING SERBS: They offer free accommodation and food, good pay, and everybody can do the work!

Diego has become a Serb in Argentina when we took gold in Athens: He cried after Mijatovic's crossbar and learned the Cyrillic because of Sale Djordjevic (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Immovable actress in disability bicycle drove across Europe, and now she is in Macedonia and she has important message for everybody! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

I was in a village with unusual church, stone flower with 8 petals: Legend says that golden bells are hidden here, and everybody is searching for them (PHOTO)

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Belgrade is the first on the list of destinations that should be disclosed in 2017

Stojanovic family from Nis went to the other side of the world, and they treat their guests with REAL SERBIAN GIBANICA (PHOTO)

Unusual adventure of two men from Becej: Ninoslav and Djordje are going on a 20.000 kilometer trip to MONGOLIA in a "Yugo"! (PHOTO)

2.000 euros wage: Croats are searching for Serbian workers, but there is only one condition!

Life of a beautiful stewardess from Pancevo: I have enough money in Serbia, I travel because I can't stay still (PHOTO)

States that Serbian citizens do not need visas: And if they need one, it is easily obtained

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