ALBANIAN WANTS TO RAISE AN ORTHODOX CHILD: Her Serbian husband died, but she refuses to go back to Albania! (PHOTO)

Drita Lepovic married seven years ago, but soon became a widow and was not provided with a Serbian citizenship. She and her son Aleksandar are now living on the welfare programme, and her only wish is to provide him a normal life

Aleksandar Lepovic (5) lives with his Albanian mother Drita in Zubin Potok. She married a Serbian seven years ago and moved into these parts. However, child's father passed away and the two of them are now struggling to maintain a normal life.

Drita came to Serbia from Albania in 2008, from Kaludra village, where she lived until the death of her husband. When he lost his battle with the serious illness this Albanian used local authorities in Kosovo and Metohija to move to her husband's house in Zubin Potok.

Even though she could have returned to Albania with her son, she didn't. She chose to stay in Serbia and to raise her child in the Orthodox fashion, so she baptized him too.

Drita doesn't have the legal papers, or citizenship, no right to parental allowance, and her only income comes from the welfare programme, 11.000 dinars per month.

Her son Aleksandar is the one that pushes her forward in life, and he turned five in the 11th of March. He got candies, toys and some money from the local church.

- Considering the conditions they live in, she doesn't complain much. She needs more money to complete one or two more rooms, there is also problem of dampness. Aleksandar is five and he should go to kindergarten, but she cannot provide him the money for tuition. We try to help her as much as we can - said Milan Kavkic for Telegraf.rs

Aleksandar should go to school in a year or two, and that is when the real problems will start. Even though Drita and Aleksandar don't have enough to live a normal life, they are happy to be together.

Foto: Telegraf.rs

Foto: Telegraf.rs

- It s truly hard, anyone with a child knows how much money they need. I have relatives but they have their own families to take care of. I don't work anywhere now because I have a child to take care of - Said Drita for Telegraf and adds:

-  As far as the documentation go, there are some indications that I might be provided with a Serbian citizenship. My late husband wasn't employed  so he couldn't register me, but fortunately, our child has all the neccessary documents.

In Zubin Potok everyone accepted her without any problems and help her as much as they can.

Drita and Aleksandar are close, and her only wish is to provide him a normal life, the one that every child deserves, in his father's birthplace.

(M. Bojić)

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