Serbian singer recorded a music video in Jim Morrison's favorite spot! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

An interesting story takes us to the other end of the world - in California

Lately, singer Nikola Rokvic has been consecutively coming out with new music videos, and the latest video for his new song "Love and lies", was recorded, no more,  no less but - in California!

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Foto: Promo

Foto: Promo

It's no wonder why he's always coming up with music videos, given that the stories are related. We go back in time, six months ago, where the main actors in the story "This Road" experience their first relationship problems, and realize that love and lies do not go together.

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Foto: Promo

Foto: Promo

The video was shot in Topanga (California), which was the favorite destination of great musicians and artists. Among others, the famous Jim Morrison worked and lived there.

Enjoy Nikola's new music video:


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