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Nikola Tesla caused the BIGGEST DISASTER that ever happened on earth BY DEATH RAYS! Here's the proof!

Philosopher and esthete Velimir Abramovic, brother of the famous Marina Abramovic and the greatest living expert in the work of Nikola Tesla reveals that after major disasters lies Tesla's last experiment

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The Tunguska explosion is the name of unsolved disaster that took place in 1908 in Siberia, Russia near the Tunguska river ... It was the most powerful explosion that ever happened on earth, the strength of 2,000 bombs dropped on Hiroshima!
Congress "Nikola Tesla: The History of the Future"

On an area of ​​2,000 square kilometers, around 80 million trees were mowed down, which were cut like a reed and lay strictly radially with tops from the center.
Although it happened in a very sparsely populated area, several eyewitnesses described the cataclysm as "sudden emergence of big fireballs in the sky bright as the sun."
THE BLOODLINE DIES WITH ME says William Terbo, proudly claiming he is the only living relative of Nikola Tesla's (VIDEO)
The explosion alone was heard up to a thousand kilometers from the epicenter, and seismic waves were described as twice around the globe and were registered seismographs around the globe.

An official statement was quickly issued that the blast was probably caused by a meteorite stone with a diameter of about 50 meters, which crashed and burned at a height of about 8 kilometers above the surface.
TESLA'S REAL NAME IS NURUDDIN TESIHOVIC: This nonsense was released by a Sarajevo portal!
It took 20 years for the first scientific expedition to come to the place of the disaster.
It was led by Russian researcher Leonid Kulik. However, despite the official results of the investigation, no impact crater was found.
Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

How, then, did an explosion occur when neither a comet nor a meteorite did not explode themselves, asked the scientists?
This woman knows the secret: This is how my mother reconciled Tesla and Pupin! (PHOTO)
- The Tunguska explosion was the work of one man, resonance genius, Nikola Tesla - the story begins at a lecture about the Serbian genius and master of electricity, at the library "Milutin Bojic" by philosopher and esthete Velimir Abramovic, the greatest living scholar of Tesla's work.
Foto: Wikipedia/DIREKTOR

Foto: Wikipedia/DIREKTOR

- Russian scientists agreed with the statement that Tesla could have done with the famous tower Vanderklif that contained his lab, which was in operation in 1908. Three months before the explosion, Tesla sent his associate to the Washington Library of Congress to acquire maps Siberia, precisely of the Tunguska area. Data on this exists in the Washington library that regularly updates every request, any search - explains Abramovic.
THE LAST TESLA'S LETTER TO HIS MOTHER: Please mother, pray for me over there!

Does the Vanderklif tower have enough strength to cause the Tunguska explosion, according to Abramovich, this is best described by the words of Russian academics Dimitri Strebkova:
"Absolutely, because I know the diameter of the condenser, which stood at the top had the option of receiving an electric discharge up to 10,000 amps. It was an impulse, and voltage, that he gets up to 100 million volts - once said Strebkov continuing:
Foto: thecosmicorderofvenus.tumblr.com

Foto: thecosmicorderofvenus.tumblr.com

"If you multiply that impulse and voltage, you get 1 terawatt. One terawatt - that is the energy of the impulse that Tesla could get 100 years ago and that still nobody could get, because it is the maximum that we transfer 1 million kilowatts, in our lines, this is 1000 times less. Now, a generator of 3 million volts has been made and is considered to be a great happiness. Tesla was receiving 100 million volts without any problem. "
Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

When he saw the horror of the explosion, Tesla had no objection to the collapse of the Vanderklif tower.
This was, in fact, Tesla's last experiment ...
Foto: 1or1.tumblr.com

Foto: 1or1.tumblr.com

- On Sunday, July 4, 1917, the US military bombed the Vanderklif tower. At this point, Tesla was leaving the train ... At the station in Chicago, he was approached by the postman with a telegram that said that the tower was demolished. He just took the telegram, read it, folded it up and put it in his pocket. Til the end of his life, he did not give any comment on the demolition of the tower ... It does not mean anything other than to agree with this - explains Abramovic recommending us to the end of the interview to see the movie colonel rocket cosmic defense of Vitaly Pravdivceva "The Lord of Peace Nikola Tesla" and leaving the story about why more than 50 years of Serbian regime does not give the public insight into Tesla's extensive technical documentation of about 60,000 scientific documents of the new science, the science of the future, which collects dust in Tesla's Museum!


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