DAVID BECKHAM came for Novak Djokovic, but watched his wife!

The English superstar chatted with the wife of our best player before the start of the duel of the Serb with Cilic

Former English footballer player and a great fan of tennis, David Beckham does not miss matches at Wimbledon and loves to watch Novak Djokovic, it seems more than Andy Murray, although he watched the match against compatriot Pospisil.

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There, an interesting detail occurred: a cordial encounter of Novak's wife Jelena and the famous football superstar!

MY LITTLE SIMBA: Djokovic enjoyed a stroll with his wife and son (PHOTO)

A mutually cordial greeting ensued, and then the two of them chatted a bit while waiting for the start of the last quarter-final duel on the London grass.

Immediately after, Jelena praised her meeting with one of the most famous Englishman on her Twitter profile.



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