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SECRET OF THE PENTAGON LEAKED - THIS IS THE TRUTH ABOUT SREBRENICA: Clinton, Madeleine Albright and Izetbegovic planned the crimes in Potocari!

The evidence at the disposal of the Pentagon about the events in Srebrenica, are kept as a military secret, and can be seen only after 30 or 50 years. However, on these recordings it can not be clearly see what happens, unless you know in advance what was going on

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According to many testimonies, the fate of Srebrenica was decided on April 1993, as claimed by Bosniaks and the agreement was between the then US President Bill Clinton and Alija Izetbegovic, President of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Clinton, as upheld by Izetbegovic pledged military intervention if Serbs entered Srebrenica and executed the massacre of 5, 000 Bosniaks. 
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Hakija Meholjic, a former police chief in Sreberenica, tells how he received the news that they were euthanized. In September 1993, he was invited to Sarajevo to the Bosnian parliament with a group of fellow citizens. It was the first release of the Srebrenica natives from the enclaves after 1992. 17 of them were transported by two helicopters to the city on the Miljacka.
Vucic: Serious crimes occured in Srebrenica, let's respect other people's suffering
- The call came from President Izetbegovic - says Meholjic. - In the meeting of the War Presidency of the municipality, we determined what delegation will go to Sarajevo. We immediately had some premonition that large issues would be solved .... It was anticipated that Naser Oric, attend, but he did not want to. From the Sarajevo airport carriers drove us up to the Holiday Inn. It was the time of the Bosnian Parliament, during which they were deciding on a peace plan for the division of Bosnia. We were received by President Izetbegovic, and immediately after the greeting asked: "What do you think about the exchange of Srebrenica for Vogosca?"
THE BRUTAL ATROCITIES OF NASER ORIC: With bare hands he gouged out the eyes of Serbian civilians!
Foto: AP/Tanjug

Foto: AP/Tanjug

- For a while there was silence, and then I replied and said, "Mr. President, if you called us to a done deal, then you should not have, because you should be able to face the people and accept the burden of that decision for us." We disagreed without a discussion. Then he said: "You know, in April of 93, Clinton offered me, after the fall of Cerska and Konjevic Polje, that Chetnik forces enter Srebrenica, carry out the slaughter of five thousand Muslims and that there will be a military intervention.
CHAOS IN SREBRENICA: Aleksandar Vucic attacked! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)
- The hardest part was on my departure from Sarajevo, when my colleague Adnan Karović said: "Hakija, you're sold! Please, if Srebrenica falls - kill my mother, and I swear by everything, so she does not fall into their hands! "
The public heard about the genocide in Srebrenica for the first time on August 10, 1995 from the rostrum of the UN in New York, when the US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright "provided" satellite evidence of the Serbian massacre in central Podrinje that was provided by the American intelligence service. In particular, in closed session, the UN Security Council, the first ambassadors showed a picture of the football stadium in Nova Kasaba, that was full of refugees, and the second shot, as she explained, represented a mass grave where the people ended up. She said that according to US intelligence, upon taking over the city, Serbian forces liquidated at least 7,500 citizens of the town, which was under UN protection.
Foto: Tanjug/AP

Foto: Tanjug/AP

- There are better and sharper images, but they can not be shown because the techniques and tehnology (from which they arise) must be protected - said then Secretary of State. After such a dramatic speech, teams of Hague investigators were founded and they began digging up the ground to detect graves and identify the bodies. Grave sites from the images were previously marked with yellow flags.
SHAME: Have a look at the moment when the Prime Minister was hit in the back with a bottle (VIDEO)
The fate of satellite imagery, invoked by Madeleine Albright, was spoken about by Admiral Boško Antić, defense expert at the Tribunal. He recalls that the judge of the The Hague Tribunal, Richard Goldstone immediately asked of the UN Security Council, that the Americans deliver this evidence to the court. He was immediately told that the information regarding Srebrenica from the Pentagon is a military secret and may be disclosed only after 30 or 50 years.
Former chief investigator of the Hague Tribunal (1996-2001) Jean-Rene Ruez has shed more light on the satellite images. Ruez acted on the "evidence from satellites." In the journal, Cultures & Conflitcs, in response to a reporter's question of how, thanks to the satellite, could the massacre be followed at the same time when it occurred, he replied:
Foto: Wikipedia.org / ChrisO

Foto: Wikipedia.org / ChrisO

- The term satellite images should be removed from use. The official name is' images made from aerial reconnaissance platform. These are the images made by U-2. The planes of U-2 are a technology from the sixties. Figures cover the ground within a radius of 30 kilometers and everything on it is theoretically potentially visible. If you have that picture, you know what's going on in that zone, but practically speaking, it is impossible to interpret the image in advance if you do not know what you are looking at and if you do not make comparisons with the observation field.
VUCIC AFTER THE ATTACK IN SREBRENICA: My arms for the Bosniak people still remain wide open! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)
Ruez revealed is finding in 2007, after searching the area previously marked by Albright. 
Ljubisa Simic, a doctor for the defense of the Hague indictees from 2008 did an expertise of remains of people whose bodies were unearthed during the investigation by the Hague Tribunal (from 1996 to 2001) and amended Ruez's claims and presented the results obtained by the ICTY. Simic said that investigators worked at 13 sites in this period, and that some of them were numerous mass graves. By evaporation of the femur, 1,923 bodies were found, and the Tribunal has opened 3,568 cases since individual skeletons were scattered.
Foto: Profimedia/AFP

Foto: Profimedia/AFP

- During the content analysis of mass graves, we found a total of 442 bodies on which were present blindfolds or ligature markings of the hands. For this number of people, with a high probability, we can confirm that they were shot.
Tomislav Nikolic wrote to Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of the Resolution on Srebrenica!
In the mass graves, on a number of bodies were found injuries inflicted by shrapnel grenades and shrapnel remains of various sizes, which leads to an indisputable conclusion that these persons were killed during combat operations. The total number of bodies on which we found traces of shrapnel and other types of artillery ammunition is 477.
The total number of bodies that had gunshot injuries, according to this analysis, is 655. On some bodies, there were no traces or injuries inflicted by firearms. The number of cases with no determined cause of death was the 411.
Foto: Tanjug/AP

Foto: Tanjug/AP

- The rest of the 1583 forensic reports contain mainly a few bones - says Dr. Simic.
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