Teme: Police

Murderer from Malta was arrested for robbery in Serbia: His friend told on him to the police and he revealed a real truth about him (PHOTO)

A ton of drugs is floating near Ulcinj, it is suspected that Albanians did it: Fishermen noticed packages in the sea, and the police found something terrible

Google Maps captured a chase on our streets: The police are chasing the suspect, and the random passers-by are watching the action in disbelief

"I just reached for the knife. I am so sorry, I still love him very much": This is what transvestite Goran said at the hearing for the murder of Marko Radovic

An older man blackmailed a girl and forced her to have sex: If you are not mine, I will publish your naked photos

Srebrenica Commemoration: Thousands of people paid a tribute to the victims (VIDEO)

"My son loved Marko, and he used to beat him up and cheat on him": Mother of a transvestite, Goran, claims that he killed him by accident, out of despair

Kosovo police released five Serbs who were arrested this morning

They stole 50 million dinars from Serbia: 15 people arrested for money laundering

The protests are still ongoing because of the new name of Macedonia: Skopje and Thessaloniki have risen, there are people who are arrested (PHOTO)

Shooting in Belgrade: A man was murdered with 7 shots from a moving vehicle, the son of the victim was at the scene (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

"Dad, don't do that to me, don't take me away": Dramatic footage of little Cesar being taken away, he begged his father not to separate him from the mother (VIDEO)

A man was shooting in Nis. He was on a probation: If the policeman hadn't stopped him, we would've had a massacre

A journalist is missing - he used to report death threats, he was attacked and his car was smashed because he is a "foreign mercenary": The search continues

American monk Sophronios lives in a Serbian monastery in Kosovo: Albanians charged him with drug smuggling, and when he showed them this, they all backed off (PHOTO)

Serbian citizen arrested in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The police arrested her over Interpol's search warrant

A man was shot in the middle of the day in Krusevac: His son was assassinated in the center of the city in a similar way (VIDEO)

A twist in the case of a missing girl: She sent a mail with terrible content, she charged her parents and her uncle for harassment

Head drug-dealer was murdered last night in Belgrade: Everything about Radovan Laketic whose body was found on Vozdovac

Shootings and assassinations on Belgrade streets opened the door to the underground we never knew existed

Jagodina under siege, no one can enter the city without detailed inspection and special permit: The arrival of 2.000 "Hells Angels" is expected (PHOTO)

New provocation: A disgusting graffiti appeared in Croatia about Serbian children with the swastika next to it (PHOTO)

The owner of the nightclub in Podgorica murdered! He feared for his safety, he was friends with the local clan (PHOTO)

Biljana left her passport, her watch, and her gold rings at the newsstand. She said 5 words and she disappeared. It has been 902 days since then, and her case is not the only one

They stole a jeep and a 6.000 euro Rolex from businessman Zdravko, and then they left him in his underpants and socks in front of the police station

Sofia fortress: Several thousand police officers guard Vucic and other leaders of EU and Western Balkans on the Summit (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Confession of a priest who has to go to prison for drinking: One service after the other and I had 2.06 blood alcohol level - not even the church robes could help me in the police (PHOTO)

Serb and a Macedonian arrested at a border: They tried to smuggle antique coins and artifacts which are priceless

Butcher from Kosjeric killed his wife because of Facebook: There is an incredible story behind the unprecedented crime

Balkan people roasted 12 lambs in the middle of Berlin for Djurdjevdan, half of the city could smell it