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Confesion of the Serb who trained Kimbo Slice: He was a good guy, he beat up bullies on the streets! (VIDEO)

Famous strongman Milan Jovanovic told us an unusual story that follows the late MMA fighter

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Milan Jovanovic was deeply struck with the death of the famous MMA fighter Kimbo Slice because he was his great friend and a trainer. 


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They have known each other for over 10 year, they hung out and trained together, and Strongman was his bodyguard for some time.


- We met in 2004 in a night club in Miami. After that we started working together on the website "Inthe vip". What i can say about him is that he was a complete opposite of what he seemed to be or people judged based on his appearance.


- He was nice and calm man, gentle to the children and friends. He had 6 children - says Strongman for the Telegraf.


- He was incredibly clean and neat and always smelled good.


- After cooperation on the site, i started training him, and later follow his fights. 


Kimbo Slice was more famous for his street fights but, as far as Strongman concerns, he did it for noble reasons.


Foto: Fejsbuk/Milan Jovanović

Foto: Fejsbuk/Milan Jovanović


- It's a story from the ghetto. He couldn't stand the local bullies that harass others so he challenged them all to a 1 on 1 fight hato show them how it looks like when someone bullies them. 


Foto: Guliver/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Foto: Guliver/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)


- Since his good friend Mike Amber, or Ice Mike, is a producer for a porn company Reality Kings, he sent people with cameras on those fights and he produced them after.


- That is why Kimbo got so much popularity. There was no betting involved of money in those street duels - explains Strongmen.



Watch the wrestling between Strongman and Kimbo Slice.


- It was a warm up before his match when we wrestled - said Strongman.



- It is interesting that Slice had his first fight with once legendary boxer Ray Mercer.


- Kimbo had to do the transition from a boxer to a MMA in six months. Who knows what i am talking about knows that it's hard, because when he was a kid, he didn't practice nor Judo, nor Jiu Jitsu, nor wrestling. He started training with Bas Ruten.


Foto: Guliver/Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)

Foto: Guliver/Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)


He was a classic boxer. However, he managed his fight with Mercer, everybody expected a boxer's technique and a classic box fight, but Kimbo packed him up in the corner.


- Later there was a conflict between me and Mercer's security, so one of the boys was thrown out, and Kimbo messed up with Ray, who complained he caught him by surprise.



It is interesting that the last fight Kimbo Slice had was with Dada Hariso, who was from his personal security.


- Yea, i fired him because he caused some troubles. Later on he started doing MMA fights and copied Kimbo's style - explained Strongman.



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