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CREPPY HOWLING IS SCARING THE CITIZENS: Rezidents of Vojvodina city are in fear, predator which desolates hunting ground approaches humans!

People from Apatin say that this predator is desolating hunting grounds and he brings fear to people

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In the vicinity of Apatin more than 400 jackals are howling at night in the hunting grounds and forests along the Danube, but also in the vicinity of the cottage-colony.
Belgrade ZOO is an oasis of peace during the day. We went there by NIGHT and this is what was happening! (VIDEO)

People from Apatin say that this predator is desolating hunting grounds and he brings fear to people.
- Jackals have ravaged the hunting grounds around Apatin. No more rabbits, pheasants are much less, and wild boars gather in packs to retain young people from the attack of predators - explains Radovan Damjanovic, long time gamekeeper.
He adds that the jackal for the first time appeared on the territory ten years ago, and quickly multiplied with unexpected speed.
- Jackal did not have any natural enemy, and it found many available food, like rabbits, pheasant, deer and wild boar - explains Damjanovic.
On the trail near the Danube, only a few meters from the first houses, walkers are seen jackals and more heard creepy howling, but so far there have been no recorded attacks on humans.
Forest management Apatin confirm the stories of hunters and weekenders from the field.
Still there is no accurate estimate of the number of jackals but they cause serious damage to another hunting grounds.
- We have an obligation to remove the three animals per month but I think this is not enough - stated from the forest administration "Vojvodinasume".
First arrival of jackals in this area was recorded in 2001, while hunting in the reserve Upper Danube. Killed specimen was marked with GPS collar and it is subsequently found to be put into the reserve Gemenc in Hungary, and it was part of the European program of restoring extinct species on this terrain.
It is the wild animals from the dog family, which are a little larger than a fox, and smaller than a wolf.
Jackals hunt in packs of five or six or more, raising to 10 cubs, they are devoted parents and have clearly divided roles in the pack.
In addition to rabbits and pheasants they hunt foxes, which are often kicked out of their dens. If they notice any unusual change in the environment they do not go out into the clearing, and they are commonly heard in the evening, after 21 hours, emitting scary howling.

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