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MIRACLE HAPPENED, TRUMP IS THE NEW PRESIDENT OF AMERICA: This is how he came to the most powerful man in United States (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Good morning world! We present to you the new president of the United States of America

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It has been decided - Donald Trump is the new president of the United States! Drama is completed (or just starting out), and the whole world eagerly expect changes to come. The victory in the presidential elections surprised many but the only confirmed long-outstanding claims of other.

TRUMP IN TEARS: I will be the president of all Americans (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Election night was very tense, and this is the result - Trump won 276 electoral votes, Clinton 218.

Billionaire Donald Trump surely is an unusual phenomenon in the American political sky, and during the presidential campaign in a way he established himself as the protector of the middle class, thereby encountering the unequivocal outrage of members of other strata of American society.

The performances, which often lived on the border of scandals, Trump has held a course in recent months where he criticized many, scared many, but he had put a glimmer of hope to many others that he will do his best to model the future relationships in American society according to them, and also abroad.

He was born in June 1946 in Queens, New York, the fourth of five children of a successful businessman Fred Trump.

He graduated from military school, Military Academy New York, apparently as desired by his parents. Then he studied also in New York, Fordham Catholic University, then graduated from the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, in 1968.

He continued his father's real estate business. He was employed after his studies in the company "Trump Elizabeth and son" only to become a director in transformed company in 1971.

Gradually, during the eighties, which was the period of incredible boom of the real estate business in the United States, he has created a huge business empire and became one of the richest not only in that industry.

In addition to real estate, his business empire includes hotels, transport companies, sports clubs, organizing games of chance, or gambling, or even a franchise for pageants for various misses, including pageants for Miss USA and Miss Universe.

In his work he had its ups and downs, so, after the outbreak of the global crisis of 2008 he had suffered huge losses, and on several occasions in the nineties, but after he successfully recovered.

According to the Forbes list for 2010 and 2011, his fortune was estimated at around two billion dollars. Today he is worth about 3.7 billion, although sometimes the estimates are pointed that his fortune is almost five billion dollars.

He is in his third marriage, with Melania Trump, who was born in Slovenia, in the former Yugoslavia. He was previously married to Ivana Zelnickovom, a Czech woman, and then Marla Maples.

World public has remembered him as a star of the reality TV series "The Apprentice" in 2004, on the TV network NBC, where he was executive producer and, more importantly, the manager.

Admittedly, his big business ventures often had advertising note, which is visible from great buildings that was created and which have names: Trump Tower, Trump Taj Mahal...

In the world of politics he has passed various stages, he was close to the Democrats and Republicans, grew even independent, and in 1999 he publicly announced intention to become the first man of the Reform Party of USA.

Candidacy for President of the United States was officially released in June 2015, representing the Republicans, announcing that he will fund the campaign himself.

A significant segment of his campaign, and probably a wider popularity, is in the call for tight regulation of the problem of illegal immigration. According to estimates, in the US there are about 11 million illegal immigrants, which raises the question of unemployment, and social instability for US citizens, and, add Trump, greatly affects the growth of criminal activity.

On this subject, but also on the subject of same-sex marriage or pregnancy abortion he stands out with his conservative attitudes, as his guidelines and in the field of economic policies, particularly fiscal policy.

In relation to the existing stands that represent the United States in foreign policy, Trump campaign was mainly absolutely opposed to it.

Foto-montaža: Tanjug/AP

Foto-montaža: Tanjug/AP

The corpus of these "conflicting" opinions fall heavily his opposition for occupation of Iraq, from the personal assessment that the country's situation can certainly be even worse after a US withdrawal from it.

Military and political influence of the US in Syria for him is completely unnecessary and incomprehensible, even arrogant, and he openly and loudly said for Bashar al-Assad that he "looks a lot better than some of our so-called friends."

In this sense, he believes that his country's policy in Syria, but also in the region, is one of the essential causes of the occurrence and duration of the so-called Islamic State.

Foto: Tanjug/AP, Wikipedia/Gigillo83

Foto: Tanjug/AP, Wikipedia/Gigillo83

In modern American politics Donald Trump embodies practically the exact opposite of what the local liberal political and intellectual establishment advocated in recent decades.

In fact, according to public statements he is a full opponent of globalization and presents himself as a conservative who relies on common sense rather than a phrase so-called political correctness.

While the major US media outlets are set against Trump, on social networks he enjoys considerable support, so in the moment in March 2016 when within the Republican Party prevailed stand against Trump, an unusually massive campaign was launched via the Internet in March 2016, with the slogan "No Trump - No vote!".



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